liveBlog | Yom Kippur in contested cities, ’09

Update: A belated retraction and wrap up – it seems that the deaths mentioned below were not confirmed, and furthermore, the wide-scale violence some (myself included) feared never took place.  So I guess it’s good news ;) the bad news, though, is that the tensions around Temple Mount persist – and while hardly capable to spark a full flung Intifada, will definitely keep feeding the unrest.

I’ve decided to open a live-blogging thread for the next 24 hours or so, in case last year’s sectarian violence repeats itself. Refresh the page to see if anything turns up, and follow me on Twitter ->

11:05pm (GMT+3) Apart from Jerusalem, nothing (thankfully) seems to be happening tonight – and if it is, it’s very difficult to know since media here has ground to a complete standstill. Jaffa is tense but no violence; same for Akko and Lod. There’s apparently heavy police presence everywhere – even at my fairly remote vintage point on the quiet, residential south edge of Jaffa I can see a police car passing every 15 minutes. If anything’s up in Jlem as late into the night as this, it’s hard to tell – and pretty hard to find out. I’m hitting the sack, seduced with the persepective  of enjoying the only /completely/ motorless morning of the year. Hope to have nothing dramatic to report, tomorrow, either :)

8:10pm (GMT3) Apparently, 2-4 people were killed in the Jerusalem tonight. Sources – Al-Jazeera and friends’ relatives in East Jerusalem who saw two funerals depart.

7:55pm(GMT+3) So far, no reports of violence in Akko or Lod, but Jerusalem riots appear to continue. I’ll soon be off on a walk to Jaffa – will report on Twitter (on the right)  if anything’s up.

4:55pm (GMT+3) – There have been riots in Jerusalem since the morning, when a group of tourists tried to pray (does anybody know in which persuasion?) on Temple Mount. The original disturbances quieted down, but now YNET reports that a Palestinian crowd tried to set fire to a gas station in the mixed French Hill neighborhood near the Hebrew University. Different accounts speak of around 25 Palestinian injured and 12 policeman/soldiers through the day.

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