Israel’s new campaign: “Size doesn’t matter.” Discuss.

…words fail me. I think it’s time the Freud Center opened a Politics department.

The official campaign site is here. H/t to Tova Scherr.

Update: The campaign site is hosted by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA). h/t to Dina. You can contact CIJA here, although I don’t know what I’d write them, to be honest.


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37 responses to “Israel’s new campaign: “Size doesn’t matter.” Discuss.

  1. michelle

    you meant, “ROFL, I am so going there next semester break”.

  2. Dina

    I always wondered why did Tunisia’s campaign had sunbathing chicks on it and the Israeli one, was all about ruins. Not anymore, I guess…

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  4. They present a map of Israel as the “greater Israel”, including occupied territories.
    Good. Should be easy to undermine their vile effort.

  5. tina

    Well, this is beyond pathetic.

  6. Elaine

    This is awful- in such bad taste that I wouldn’t want my friends to see this. It makes me cringe.

  7. In regard to Israel map, it seems that the Golan Heights and Gaza strip are not presented in the logo, and the S is blocking the West Bank – so not really “greater Israel”.

    I’m happy that there is a campaign about visiting Israel (it’s about time), I’m just not sure that this kind of campaign is done with a good taste…

  8. Ube

    lighten up. it’s a funny and smart way to draw young people to view israel in a more positive light.

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  11. Daniel Ben-Tal

    Speaking as a male, I’ve always liked to live with the misconception that size doesn’t matter. (In fact, one or two of the fairer sex have hinted that it’s width that counts).
    Israel is a small country (it should be even smaller, but that’s not the issue under discussion here) with a justifiably big ego.
    As for the ad – I can’t see it bringing any more tourists, but a nice try, anyway.


  12. Obviously, this ad is nothing compared to the week’s real scary news – the launch of the Propaganda Information Ministry website, with its airbrushing of the shooting of 13 Israeli demonstrators by police and the whole settlement question (for starters). So aside from the snide political points the ad tries to score (@Ofer), I’m not so much appalled by the clip as befuddled. It’s like they’re trying to see how low can you go (no pun intended).

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  14. matan

    i live there.
    girl’s Israel might be small but the guys equipment isn’t.

  15. dema

    i like it….. students deserve more credit than just being given slogans by the usual boring anti-israel campaigns…. looks like this vid challenges students to dig a bit deeper and not accept the typical soundbytes
    we all know this conflict is a lot more complicated than the anti-israel lobby suggests … this certainly got my attention to check out their site and its good stuff

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  17. A

    Yes…. This campaign is finally a fun and creative way to display Israel in a good light, without getting too confrontational with the Anti-Israel ppl…

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  20. ringa

    it is funny in a pathetic way.
    it is sad because it is meant seariously, i mean, its fair enough to advertise israel, i am totally up for that, but this is simply tasteless… not about drawing young people to israel, cmon this is ridicolous.
    also it is sad to see that map excluding palestine…
    it is re emphazising the conflict…

  21. Suzy

    absolutely tasteless.
    I smell desperation in this pr campaign

  22. michael

    Just to clarify, yes it is on the CIJA website, no it was not created by the CIJA or by the Israel Torurism Ministry. Yes it was created by the CFJS(Canadian Federation of Jewish Students). No it is not meant to be some sort of campaign to bring visitors to israel. Yes, it is seen as a targeted response to the IAW “hate-orgy” that is currently now showing at a college campus near you.

    No it is not in good taste. Yes it alienates by its tastelessness and sexual content the orthodox students who may be represented as constituents of the CFJS.

    Given the above, overall effectiveness factor, 0 out 10.

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  24. scooby

    this is the most ill conceived hasbara effort – just simply offensive and embarassing. from someone who lives in israel and is the first to promote it i’m all for lightening up the image…but this is a major screw up and should be sunk asap.

  25. WAKE UP

    Just further evidence that too many people in this world think you can fix a major international problem by making a video. Sheesh.

  26. Marc

    Not only is it in bad taste, but it is criminal.
    The map shown is contrary to all UN resolutions for the last 60 years, it obliterates Palestine and shows Jerusalem as the capital of the country : shouldn’t there be an official protest by the Canadian government against this misrepresentation?
    The good news is that, if the Israeli propaganda has to do such awful clips, it shows that they are really desperate.
    One more reason to boycott Israel !

    • Jujud

      you are the criminal when you encourage this idiotic boycott…go spend your vacation with your terrorist friends in Gaza!!

  27. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

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  29. Joshua

    Here’s the newest ad from the same campaign:

  30. You are quite correct with this blog post!!

  31. For starters, I would never spend one penny to support Israel’s Genocide of Palestine.

    Secondly, I’m not into Sodomy or Buggery.

  32. I think there are degrees to offensiveness. I think there’s a difference between hating homosexuals and not being fully enlightened on the subject yet.

  33. Thanks again Matt and Cornelia, definitely couldn’t have done this without you! I’ll be updating my report post over the next few days, including your pictures.The lessons learned continue to refine the hackathon-in-a-box material as well. All things considered, it was a good event.

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