Foreign Policy: Is Israel trying to fool foreigners or itself?

I’ve an article up on Foreign today, considering a couple of recent Israeli campaigns and asking whether Israel is trying to persuade the world or its own citizens. I’m also just back from the opening hearing of the civil lawsuit brought forth by the parents of Rachel Corrie against the State of Israel. Full report tomorrow.

Update 12/04: The article got translated into French, for Slate. You can find it here .

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One response to “Foreign Policy: Is Israel trying to fool foreigners or itself?

  1. Rosi Stankov

    Dear Dimi,
    I was quite interested in your thoughts on the ineffectiveness of the government fo Isarel to improve its image abroad.
    I am a post-student in the Westminster University in London and I am writing a dissertation on how Israel is trying to do this after the Goldstone report. After initial exploration I found that an opinion from somebody like you will be much more valueable for my thesis than the information I intended to gather from Israeli embassies abroad (I deem they are ineffective).
    If you consider you can answer a few questions of mine or make a few comments on my progress, I would be very thankful. If you have any conditions on helping me in this initiative, please do not hesitate to share them with me.

    Best regards,

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