Foreign Policy: Who’s afraid of a one-state solution?

Well, plenty of people are, and understandably so. But my new piece for Foreign Policy covers some of the people who are not.  And since this is a debate that’s only now beginning to emerge into the mainstream, I thought it would be useful to open a rolling post here documenting the pro and anti voices on this issue.

First, the article I refer to by Meron Benvenisti, is here. If there’s one article you’re going to read by a pro-one-state Israeli, this is it; and if there’s one article by a pro-one-state Palestinian you need to read, it better be the classical one, by Edward Said.

Second, there have been a number of books published on the matter in recent years:

Burg’s book is particularly important for understanding the Israeli perspective, as he hails from the kernel of the heart of centre-Zionist mainstream. You can read an unpublished interview of mine with Burg here .

[Note: The links are to Amazon, but if you actually want to buy books, I recommend Book Depository, who ship free worldwide]

Third, for Hebrew readers, there’s a good roster of articles for and against the one state here.

And finally, if you have recommendations and links to articles and/or books on this issue, please use the comment button below. The list above will be updated as we go.


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2 responses to “Foreign Policy: Who’s afraid of a one-state solution?

  1. Hi Dmitry,
    My name is Vicky Collins and I posted on the Israelis for Palestine site following the article about the one state solution. I am doing research for HDNet’s World Report and I’ve been given a challenging assignment. They want me to find a story in Israel/Palestine that has not been widely told and would be surprising to an American television audience. Specifically they have asked me to find someone or more than one person who have come to believe the peace process or lack of it is hopeless and they have decided to take matters into their own hands. Basically they are looking for someone whose life is now defined visually by their change of heart. They also want to make sure these people are moderates and not radicals or extremists. Regular people who are moving forward with their lives in spite of the difficult situation. Maybe they are Israelis who have resisted moving to settlements but have finally decided to go for it or Palestinians who can find no other work besides doing construction on the Israeli settlements. Maybe artists, teachers or businesspeople whose life is now defined by their change of course. I know it sounds vague and maybe even a little naive to you but the producers don’t want to rehash the same material that has been told over and over. They want a new spin on the story. I have been intrigued by the shift by some from the two state solution back to a one state solution and was wondering if you know of people who are moving in this direction. Am also interested in knowing more about you. If you would like to check me out you can visit For HD Net’s World Report visit Thanks so much for your interest in my project. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Vicky Collins

    Vicky Collins
    Teletrends, Inc.
    5933 S. Moline Way
    Englewood, CO 80111
    303-850-9480 direct
    303-881-0621 cell
    Skype: Vicky.Collins.Ewalt

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