‘Anat Kam’ account hacked, emails erased

So, from the tragic to the plain bizarre. A friend of mine goes by the inspiring name of Kamrad, Anat Kamrad. Her name’s similarity to that of a certain detained Israeli journalist had already caused Kamrad some hassle:

Rough translation: 'Stop adding me cause I've got a name similar to Anat Kamm. For fck's sake.'

But last night, trouble went up a notch: Someone working from a Palestinian IP ( broke into Kamrad’s email (ANATKAM@x), and erased six weeks’ worth of mail. Spook? Crank? A cranky spook, or a spooky crank? I’m betting on the last one, but you be the judge.


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2 responses to “‘Anat Kam’ account hacked, emails erased

  1. verbose

    the same thing happened to the ffj-bilin

  2. Nathan Pinto

    Hi Dimi, these things happen all the time. Most of the time we don’t notice, because the hacker (who needs to make a copy of the account in Outlook Express, or another computer based email thing) will make sure to click the option “Leave copy of the message on the server”.
    This time the hacker hasn’t done that? Stupidity? Maybe. It could also be a message.

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