Note re Gaza flotilla

Steve Bell, Guardian

Even if I wasn’t somewhat speechless, I afraid there’s just no time for me to write properly about the [insert swearword here] assault on the Gaza aid flotilla before the weekend. I am, however, tweeting about it on ; and my esteemed colleague Noam Sheizaf is live-blogging for the 3rd day straight. I also recommend following Lisa Goldman and Didi Remez. Useful hashtags include #flotilla and #freedomflotilla, and hose of you with a kink for watching Israeli Hasbara descending into uncharted depths of self-parody will enjoy brand new #hasbaracolypse . Dark humour connoisseurs will enjoy Israel Global PR and Fake Israel MFA, although the latter only rarely outdoes the ridiculousness of the real Ministry of Foreign Affairs twitter feed.

"Israeli Hasbara", Calcalist

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One response to “Note re Gaza flotilla

  1. proud israeli

    it saddens me to see how hostile you are to the country you live in, no other place will accept you, i have no other word to describe you but a traitor that calls himself a journalist…

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