Much more graphic IDF “souvenir” pictures emerge

(Updated below. h/t Jerry Haber)

The IDF and its spokesman Avi Benayahu moved quickly yesterday to contain the damage of Eden Abergil’s self portrait with bound and blinded detainees, suggesting, among other things, that such conduct was anything but the norm in the military. Breaking the Silence, who have been collecting testimonies from Israeli soldiers for the past six years, beg to disagree. About an hour ago, the group’s Facebook page launched  a group, titled “The Norm Avi Benayahu  Denies“, with pictures taken by soldiers over the last 10 years. The faces of most soldiers have been smudged out – presumably, to protect the organisation’s sources, but the pictures show them posing next to dead bodies – some appear to be recently killed paramilitaries.

The statement from the group read:

We suggest to the IDF spokesman not to insult the intelligence of the Israeli public, and to clarify that this is a widespread phenomenon, not an unusual incident by one soldier. We attach similar pictures taken in different times and areas over the past 10 years.

These pictures are only the first collection. Taking real responsibility is not blaming the lowest ranks, but honestly confronting with the deteriorated moral state of the senior commanders responsible.

And before we proceed to the footage, some context, folks: Conflict, especially armed conflict, destroys our moral and social norms, making us do things we never thought we’d do in any other circumstances. It’s true about the IDF soldiers posing next to dead bodies; it’s true about Hamas militants posing with body parts of blown-up Israeli soldiers; it’s true of many atrocities committed by both parties.

To look into how perfectly ordinary people move to being able to take and stage such pictures, and how they live beyond that, I highly recommend the film “To see if I’m smiling,” a collection of interviews with former IDF female combatants; the title refers specifically to a picture very much like the ones below. For reading, and this goes back to the case of Eden Abergil, I recommend as highly a report on female combatants (.pdf), released this summer by Breaking the Silence.

WARNING: Some of the pictures are graphic in the extreme.

NB: I think this one is staged, and the girl is not a prisoner

Part 3: Abergil lashes out, says she’d be glad to massacre Arabs.


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99 responses to “Much more graphic IDF “souvenir” pictures emerge

  1. wouw

    Tse tse tse, facebook is getting too dangerous … to really know what a war is about

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  4. sina

    they are great soldier!
    only in picture!!!

  5. Maxim Reider

    Can’t view the movie, blocked for my country/location, what does it mean, I wonder

  6. Ranya

    There are simply no words to describe the barbaric israeli militery, they live in a dark world that they have created and are destroying lives along the way…. my heart goes out to all those Palestinians in these pictures who have been blindfolded, humiliated, tormented, and murdered subject to these monsters.

  7. mohmed

    who killed children and civilans in gaza can do more than that

  8. Humiliating people is wrong.

    To make pictures of it is disgusting.

    No person how bad deserves to be in a “show” to the world like this. I can’t understand how “ladies” like that are accepted in an army.

    Are they part of the “chosen people”?

    I have my doubts as a christian about this world…

  9. RozitaTee

    I vividly remember seeing video of Palestinians dancing in the streets just hours after the destruction of the World Trade Center. I can still remember watching the Munich Massacre unfold on live TV when I was a child. These people are not saints. They are not “innocent victims.” They are terrorists. They live by the sword and then whine when they die by the sword. Tough shit.

    I watched as Israel kept its finger OFF of the trigger while being hit by Saddam Hussein’s SCUD missiles during the Gulf War.

    To be fair, Dimi, don’t just write about those pictures of Hamas militants posing with body parts; show THOSE pictures as well. Of course, that might not endear you to the New York Times.

    • Aya

      Rozita Tee, “Palestinians dancing in the streets just hours after the destruction of the World Trade Center”
      There is no evidence that they were dancing because of the Sept 11 Tragedy. This is a typical example of western media propaganda.

      • RozitaTee

        Prove to me that it wasn’t. What evidence do you have?

        • Aya

          I am afraid this is not the topic of the post, i don’t want to spam it. U should have a closer look into the photos, here is only one of them:
          I can only see 3 happy children in front of the camera and 6-7 men passing by the street.

          • RozitaTee

            I was glued to the TV the entire day, as were most Americans on 9/11/01. I vividly recall one old woman laughing about it. Again, unless you can prove that even the liberal MSNBC was showing false video, your claims about “western propaganda” are meaningless. American media outlets can’t get away with much considering how competitive they are with each other. For example, Fox News would be very quick to expose MSNBC if they ever lied about even a small detail. The New York Times is quick to condemn Fox News over anything. There is a lot of self-policing going on in the US media. Only idealogues want propaganda. Most of us here want TRUTH.

        • Sal

          If u want prove then click on this website “” … hahahahaha one thing i don’t understand more than 3000 people died in 9/11 including Muslims but no Jew died in this incident answer me why? Think like a human not like zionist … If u think Muslims hate Jews then u r wrong … Muslims only hate the Zionist Ideology or u can say Muslims hate zionists …

          • Maxim Reider

            …but no Jew died in this incident…

            Blatant lie. Many Jews died in that disaster, including successful Russian/Jewish immigrants. I pity you man – you were born at the wrong time and place, Nazi Germany could have fitted you to perfection.

        • Defiance

          August 17, 2010 at 6:20 pm

          I vividly remember seeing video of Palestinians dancing in the streets just hours after the destruction of the World Trade Center.

          Idiot..that was file footage. It was the middle of the night in Palestine “just hours after 9/11″ and the footage clearly shows the time to be around noon, 1:00 PM. Sunlight shining brightly. And do you know WHY this footage was shown? For stupid people like you, to make you believe they are the enemy. And LOOOL, you bought it hook, line and sinker, and after alllllll these years later, you are still too ignorant to have realized TIME ZONES!! Noon in USA is NOT noon in Palestine. By the way, maybe you are also too ignorant to realize who owns the US Media….Jews. Wake up and educate yourself.

    • m. torres

      Hmmm.. wonder if you remember the pictures of the Israelis at the van in New York, also dancing in glee at the planes hitting the buildings. No, probably not – apparently Israel is a sacred cow and no truth shall be told about its inhumanity.

      and folks, don’t forget that the IDF’s motto is “The Most Moral Army in the World”, no joke to Israel although it certainly is to the rest of the world.

    • non of ur business

      ur a sick fuck…..go to hell

    • godot

      To Rozitatee
      Whether or not Palestinians were dancing, we need to be very careful about making an argument that says ‘they have been bad so it’s ok if we are too’!

      Torturing and humiliating people and taking pleasure out of it is immoral, illegal and pathological, no matter who has done it! I would expect you to endorse that, all the more reason if you have been scarred in your childhood by watching a massacre on TV!

      So it would be more respectful and mature, If I may, if you say ‘I know how painful massacres are and would not want them on anyone’. It seems you are not there and you are saying ‘I know what massacres are, they have been done to me and it’s OK to do them to someone else’. I’d go for empathy as opposed to revenge!

    • Sami

      Rozita: you are referring to few Palestinians who may have done some thing wrong right after 9/11 but forget when Israel killed Rachael Corri, a 23 yrs old American who was peacefull defending the brutal Israeli occupation and demolition of Palestijian homes. You forgot that Isarel occupying the Palestinians. Israel is refusing to abide by any UN resolutions even the world court resolution that the illegal wall must be brought down.

      Did you read the Goldstone report about what Israeli soldiers used to kill and injur thousands of innocent Palestinians ! Did you read Amnesty;s international and Red Cross annual reports about the Israeli abuse of Palestinias nliving under occupation ?

      The picture is much wider than a single incident. There is a long brutal illegal occupation that the Israeli army is carrying since 1967 and this has to end according to all United Nations resolutions.

    • Waleed

      You keep mentioning Palestinians dancing in the streets just hours after the destruction of the World Trade Center, the video you are referring to shows Palestinians celebrating , but it doesnt mention the date or the occasion.I can show you Americans celebrating , can I claim they are celebrating the death of 1.5 million Iraqis ?

      Dont you ever forget that the US is the strongest ally of Israel worldwide , financing their terrorism and land theft with billions of dollars , defending their crimes in the UN , supporting their actions everywhere.So technically , the US is responsible whether directly or indirectly for the suffering of the Palestinians , the destruction of the US domination equals liberty to Palestinians. The Palestinians have the full right to celebrate the destruction of their enemy.Its not celebrating the death of Americans themselves , its the idea of the falling down of the US as an entity.Enough with the American fancy terrorism and haughtiness.

    • antinazionists

      and me i remember this
      and this
      and now what about the decisive part of united states in Palestine , Lebanon , and its inconditionnal support of so called israeli bloody politics ? Tell me what are they supposed to feel ?

  10. RozitaTee

    Here’s a New York Times article from April 18, 2006, for a little more “context.”

    The Israelis aren’t doing this stuff for fun, people. If someone started attacking me, you’d better believe that I’d be fighting back.

      • RozitaTee

        I’m in the process of researching Mr. Duff. Most of what’s on the net about Gordon Duff is is own writing. I find that curious.

    • Sal

      Can u answer me one more Question who kills the most Hamas or the IDF If u bring out the ratio the ratio of the killing is : 1 hamas killed israeli = 900 Palestinians … if we consider this is right then who is the monster here Hamas or the IDF … Hamas is the elected government same as like Israel why don’t they accept that ? IDF is acting same as like Nazi germany … Shame on them n shame on u too still taking the side of the Nazi IDF …

    • Komondaro

      Mmm I am confused, I am assuming you are an Israeli, if not please correct me. You are saying that Palestinians started attacking you? As I recall Israel is the occupier right?

      Please try to get a fresh look at the situation, I know it’s hard being brained washed since being young, but I believe that truth isn’t that hard to find

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  12. Sherry

    When I was living in Egypt I was watching the news daily and talking to my family in the United States and they were not seeing anything like what I watched There are many videos on youtube with retired military and CIA agents who spoke of the money being spent to pay off news agencies to cover up the truth And if Israel is the homeland of the Jews then why were two Jewish women stopped at the Turkish border from Kurdistan where they were coming from trying to buy land (MSNBC) I think there is alot to be told about what’s really going on Do the research with an open mind You will see the light of truth

  13. Another Michael

    The only true here is that all Palestinians and Muslims are killer’s without any feelings and they deserve to be treated like the criminals they are, if they want to attack Israel the people of G´d will defend from the evil countries of Islam.

    Also many of these photos are false just a pretext to incentive anti-Semitic reactions for the innocent Photos of Eden Abergil.

    Dead to all the terrorist of Islam and all the enemies of Israel the people of G´d the almighty.

    • Sal

      Wow … another Zionist or evangelical Christian … Too much Evil in this world … the big one r these two … As the Muslims told that they r bidding their time … when their time comes Probably they will do the same, think about that how the Jews will think … again brother don’t think like Zionist just think like a human … how do u feel when Muslim army do the same to u … just think this way ….. As Muslims say that their time is coming … what u guys do on that time …..

      • Nonya

        The Muslims will never ever do the same. The time will come, but this behavior will not be repeated by the Muslims. They will show mercy and dignity.

  14. Coolguy

    Wow, these pictures are horrible…

    ok, now with that said, I’d totally do the chick in the first pic, she is super hott

  15. MERC

    FYI: Israel’s Trailer Trash at
    Middle East Reality Check

  16. Ray

    Israel controls the information that are delivered to its people and make them feel like everyone is against them. Everyone is evil and wants the worst for poor Israel.
    This tactic appears in many nations (if not all) but the propaganda is greater in Israel (and the USA).

    I ve read the comments above claiming that Hamas does the same. I agree. But this is not a competition of who is more bad than the other. We are talking about lives here. Between the conlict there are many people who have lost their lives or their loved ones and many that live in terrible conditions (refering to many Palestinians).

    Israel should be carefull with the tactic that it uses sooo much (everyone is against us, we are the only good) cause it reminds and can develop to the way that Nazis saw things…

    My personal view is that apart from Hamas and Israel, everyone deserves to live free and have his homeland. If Palestinians were free we wouldn t face all those deaths and horror.

  17. Kourosh

    Fuck them all! Fuck all Israelite all! Fuck them as all…

  18. esin

    these cant be human these people are monsters it a disgrace!!! shame on you! israel!

  19. alex

    Awesome, Are they rape others?

  20. ho hum

    I had no idea the Israeli army was this evil. I’m disgusted.

  21. Komondaro

    I am very sorry to live with such people in the same world!

    • phiphi

      i’m really sorry to live in a world that have religious only to say they are right to do it…jewish muslim christians ..are the same…just fighting for human rights …at the end…we saw how horrible things they can do

  22. aahh..wat can I say….well It’s Not surprising at all!!!!!! juss affirming the fact that the JEWS are the accursed! alyhim mina Allaahi ma yasahiqoon! keep up de humiliation and torture and intensify it to the extent of your power!!!! for you will surely answer in a court where NO ONE can bail you! But you against the actions your hands earned! in the court of Almighty GOD….so accumulate your sins…..and enjoy torturing the innocent!!!…for ONLY the Accursed enjoys such agony!!!! …and remember ths world is temporary! And the hereafter is the Everlasting abode!!!!!!

  23. ezzat

    I am very sorry to live with such people in the same world!
    and very sorry to have the same hart

  24. Erin

    It is a pity that we have to see people displaying this kind of animosity. I am a christian and find it very had to believe that people who call themselves christian and followers of the prince of peace support this kind of actions. I do not hate the Israelis but I think they should apologise to the world concerning these incidents.

    This is just like a nazist posting pictures of bound jews being taken to concentration camps. If this had happened, Israel and the west would have quickly condemned it and even seek for prosecution. Those soldiers should be very ashame of themselves as human beings if they are even human inside. May ELOHIM forgive them.

  25. shame on Israel……..thy are still proud of it….they post ths inhumane and utterly disgusting images…instead of taking those responsible to account thy chose to show their true face…which am glad thy did finally…SHMAE ON ISRAEL…the accursed…Jews

  26. Salman

    how shameful of you defending what the israels are doing to these people. you are so pathetic !!!

  27. mohammad

    The soldiers in appearance are happy. Perhaps there are so bad luck that a man who tortured them happy.

  28. Another Michael

    Are every body here insane or Muslim’s? (I think is the same)

    I stated before that many of these photos are fake just bad propaganda to incentive anti-Semitic thoughts, but if some of them are real the people in the photos (not the soldiers) are criminals, terrorist people that in case of not been stopped would blow themselves charged with tons of explosives or would lunch missiles against innocent civilians.
    I think we should not be happy for the suffering of our enemies but I am sure that these soldiers aren’t laughing at them they are just happy because they stopped this criminals for harm our people.

    • Koshiro

      “Are every body here insane”
      Just guy, pal.

      • Another Michael

        Hi my atheist friend, why don you go to pray to the powerful force of nature? Or to the holy infinite universe?

        • Croustibat

          What the heck do you think atheist are ?
          And, you say that muslims and insane people are the same ? are you completely, well, insane ?

    • unknown

      you fucking scum of the earth why do you think they fight? so you think jews have the right to kill them but when they fight back they are terrorists? who invaded who? who killed kids? who killed women? who wiped entire villages of by bombing and shooting?

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  30. Jalal

    Dancing in the streets after 9/11? A lot of European and South American countries danced in the streets after 9/11, specifically in Brazil.

    They were not celebrating the deaths of the people during 9/11, rather another country dealing a blow to the USA.

    These pictures of IOF (Israeli Occupying Force) soldiers is typical, you think this is bad? You should visit the country and see the real destruction. Anyone who can kill thousands of women and children in Gaza, can take photos like these.

  31. فرید

    These Israelies have turned everything in the world fucked! What kind of animals they are!

  32. nyko

    as we said in french : ” bienvenue sur Terre…une jolie planète” =>welcome to Earth, a wonderful planet

    • Croustibat

      Soldiers are soldiers, male or female… that will never change, they think that being soldier allows them to do what they want…
      Here, it seems pretty soft compared to what happen everyday in any central Africa country… But, still, must not be allowed by the UN

  33. Moshe

    Beautiful photos of terrorists arrested by the best army in the world!
    Israelian are right, other countries are dead!

    • Jinn

      Best army in the world? Hahahaha

      They are nothing without fucking American weapons, Hamas n Hizbullah fucked them,
      if they are so brave let them start war with Iran
      Iran,Hizbullah n Hamas will wipe all the jews
      it will be the end of the jews
      long live Mel Gibson ;)

      • Defiance

        The USA gives 3 billion dollars each year to Israel, in “defense aid, US taxpayer money….so Israel can kill innocent Palestinian women and babies. Best army in the world…hahaha, they would be nothing if not for us ignorant Americans supporting them. America needs to wake up and know who is the enemy. Viva Palestine!!!

    • unknown

      you fucking worthless peice of filth you should remember who invaded who you fucking scum.

  34. Jinn

    Cowardly fucking jews as fucking americans in abu ghraib prison in Bagdad,
    they will fuck you if they had weapon
    many times i start wondering to revenge on all jews over the world,
    i swear to God jews allways run from arab n muslems they are brave with weapon on civilian.

  35. Jinn

    I really wish n hope it be war soon,
    Israeli know now they are nothing after Lebanon n Gaza war. Everything have changed now not like 1967, the end of the jews are very near and the leberation of whole of Palestine ;)

    if only arab countreys open their border and give Palestinians good weapons israel will be finish in a week i swear.

  36. Karim

    Très mauvais pour Israel…

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  38. mikhak

    Viva Palestine!

  39. persian

    yes , viva Palestine .

  40. ataloss

    Why are you surprised by do those pictures ? That beats me. They are nothing new.
    In the late 1970s, I was a very naive young man who hated those Palestinians terrorists and their leader Yasser Arafat. But then, one day I saw some appalling pictures on TV. Some Israelian soldiers had caught a couple of Palestinian suspects, or fighters, but what difference does it make ? and the two guys were sitting on the ground with their hands tied in their back an the soldiers were hitting them with stones. They were holding stones and hammering their helpless prisoners’ skulls and shoulders. That day my sympathy went to the Palestinians.
    I still condemn them for their terrorist attacks, but I understand. Terrorists is what the French resistance was called by the German occupiers during WWII, but there’s a whole lot of difference between attacking an occupying army and killing innocent civilians. That’s where the Palestinians are wrong. But where the Israeli are wrong is when they think they can go on like this. If they want to solve the problem, there are only two possible ways: retreat from the territories and establish a durable peace like Yitzhak Rabin had dreamed of, or else they will have to kill every living Palestinian. Isn’t that is remindful of the Shoah ? Can’t the Jews realise how shameful their attitude is ?

    • Another Michael

      Atalos you had become evil then for support those terrorist, look deep in your heart and you could see the truth Israel is the people of G´d while this Palestinians and Muslims are psycho killers of innocent civilian people all over the world.

      • NAZ

        hhhhhhhh Israel is the people of god !! then what happened to the rest of the world ?? what are the rest supposed to be ?? servants to your sick criminal minds!!? maan yr reply is so racist not only to Palestinians or Arabs or Muslims its racist to all the world except your pampered spoiled, sick, (newly created) state called Israel !!

      • unknown

        you see what 10% of muslims do shameful deeds and suddenly all of them are psychos? you should read carefully so someone kills someone brutally so does that make it okay to do the same? NO IT DOES NOT

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  42. Another Michael

    An Insane Arab Muslim state:

    If only arab countreys open their border and give Palestinians good weapons israel will be finish in a week i swear.

    You need weapons we have G´d with us do and say whatever you want, many countries in the world had tried to exterminate us and we still here, do you know why?

    Because G´d the almighty is with us he can punish us for our sin’s but at the end he will never broke his covenant with his chosen people the children of Israel anyone who attack the people of G´d will be wiped out by his mighty hand.

    When Messiah come all of you evil Muslims will be punished by the hand of G´d as the Egypt’s were in Yetziat Mitzraim.

    • NAZ

      what god r u talking about !!? … yr god is telling you to kill people !! WTH !! this is not a god … yr god is telling you to steal people’s lands and properties !! this not a god !! yr god is telling you to rape kids and ladies !! this is not a god …. this a god u created and try to believe in him !! go find better god with better ethics maaaan !!

    • unknown

      did that make you better then jihadists? you dump fuck

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  44. J.stewart

    I remember at school I was bullied by this kid for years, one day I decided enough was enough. I went into school and knocked his block off…..Israel will get punished for there crimes…it’s coming, I can feel it in the wind.

  45. Michael

    I just visited the facebook page from which these photos were supposed to be taken. I found an inconsistency. This page posted 9 photos, but the facebook source has only 7. Can anyone clarify where the extra 2 photos came from?

  46. abraham

    shame on israel……..
    shame on advocatores of this regime
    shame on arab leaders……
    viva palestine
    viva palestine
    viva palestine

  47. JOHN Moses

    the previous reply is to LM

  48. Defiance

    August 17, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    I vividly remember seeing video of Palestinians dancing in the streets just hours after the destruction of the World Trade Center.

    Idiot..that was file footage. It was the middle of the night in Palestine “just hours after 9/11” and the footage clearly shows the time to be around noon, 1:00 PM. Sunlight shining brightly. And do you know WHY this footage was shown? For stupid people like you, to make you believe they are the enemy. And LOOOL, you bought it hook, line and sinker, and after alllllll these years later, you are still too ignorant to have realized TIME ZONES!! Noon in USA is NOT noon in Palestine. By the way, maybe you are also too ignorant to realize who owns the US Media….Jews. Wake up and educate yourself.

  49. کیوان

    بکشید این عربای آدمکشو
    لهشون کنید

  50. hi
    thanks for images
    down with israel & zion peaple
    im a irany man
    visit my weblog and rite comment ,your vote

  51. NAZ

    WTF !! The end of Israel and its criminals will come soon coz through history savage states didn’t last long and Israeleez are animals collected from all over the world …. pigz !!

  52. Ali

    Ok here’s the thing, most people don’t really know how things happened in 1948. Basically Israelis came to Palestine and kicked people out of their homes, killed them, banished them from their own land and occupied their territories.
    So how can u blame a people for trying to get back what is rightfully their. Israel did not exist before the 50’s whereas Palestine existed for centuries.
    Is defending your own country an act of terrorism?
    i believe the modern definition of terrorism is doing something the USA isn’t ok with…
    how can some1 be so oblivious to history!!
    when israelis commit massacres its labeled self-defense,but when Palestinians attack its suddenly terrorism!
    so im sorry but u can’t blame them for dancing when in 9/11 if they did so. didn’t americans dance when Baghdad was bombed? or when Afghanistan was rampaged…
    Western media propaganda convert every shred of detail in everythin that happens in the middle-east, i should know bcz i live in lebanon and what the us media says abt what’s happening in my country has absolutely nothing to do with the actual events

  53. Wis

    Israel is a passing state, sooon they will fall, and it will be part of history.

    “It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonization or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands.” — Ariel Sharon at a meeting of militants from th…e extreme right-wing Tsomet Party (November 15, 1998)

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  55. mof

    fuck you isreal … congratulation hitler , another man like hitler will be came and will fuck all the juice people and i am waiting this with pleasure. mother fuck to all fucking juice.

    i promise, i am muslim and i will fuck a juice girl because there are dogs all

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