Eden Abergil gets meme treatment; says would be glad to massacre Arabs

The Eden Abergil scandal just wouldn’t die: After giving a near-tearful interview to Israeli radio and TV, saying she’s sorry if she’s hurt anyone (but adding she’d take the same picture, only not post in on Facebook), and finally blaming all reactions on the notion that “We will always be attacked. Whatever we do, we will always be attacked,” Abergil now declared to all and sundry she would be only too happy to kill and massacre Arabs.

The proclamation comes in the wake of Abergil becoming the subject of a meme treatment – her now infamous pictures being rehashed and imitated in all sorts of ways, including a sarcastic Twibbon campaign allowing you to add Abergil to your Twitter avatar. Ido Kenan’s indespensible blog Room 404 has the collection; here are a few samples.

The inevitable LOLcatz

And my personal favorite:

Abergil, naturally enough, did not appreciate the jokes, and got into a furious argument with one of the meme authors. It’s already hitting the headlines on Israeli websites, but Kenan’s blog got it first. Here is the montage she took offense at:

And here is the argument:

Eden Abergil: Tell me, you think that this pic on the side is funny? There’s a limit!

Eden Abergil: No, honey…

Shay Atik: To be honest, it’s kinda funny.

Eden Abergil: Oh yeah? And what’s so funny? I’m dying for laughs I haven’t laughed a week

Shay Atik: Maybe you haven’t watched the new enough.

Eden Abergil: Aaaaa no? You wanna tell me what was funny? Cause I really didn’t watch

Gal Ivon Cohen: Shay, it really isn’t funny. They ruined her life for such a simple and innocent picture and turned this girl into something that she’s not.

Eden Abergil: No honey they didn’t ruin my life I can’t afford Arab-lovers to ruin the perfect life I live!!! I’ve got no remorse and no regrettttttttttts.


Shay Atik: Eden, I guess you still didn’t get the meaning and implications of these pictures. It’s not about someone loving Arabs or not. It’s called humanity.

Eden Abergil: I’m not humane to murderers!

Shay Atik: Hmm… so you could equally kill those detainees you posed next to. If you’re being inhuman, go all the way! No?

Eden Abergil: I’m for a Zionist Jewish state! I’m protecting what was mine since forever!! I won’t get with you into religious statements etc but I’m declared and defined as a proud Jew and as a proud Jew it’s my duty to fight for everything that belongs to me there’s a picture of me they published that says it all in my opinion “if it wasn’t for her they’d murder your mother” and I’m not talking just about me but about all the soldiers guarding and protecting us!!! There are no laws in war!! I hate Arabs and wish them all the worst and it would be fun for me to kill them or even massacre them you can’t forget what they’re doing nevermind the reason I’m just on the side of the Jewish people!!! And this will last forever.

I really don’t think Abergil is a monster. She speaks and acts like someone from a conflict area, who had well-grounded fears of Palestinian political violence nourished and grown into a full-fledged paranoia by a society built around the idea of existential fear. Comments similar to hers are posted in their hundreds on Israeli news sites every day; and frankly, some of the pro-Palestinian comments I’ve been trashing from this blog over the past couple of days are no better; the worrying thing is not Abergil’s uniqueness but her complete commonality, the fact that mind-numbing fear is taking hold of more and more young Israelis, grinding on whatever little intolerance we have left for abuses of state power against minority.

As for Abergil, like I said earlier, life is long and there’s hope she’ll feel differently in years to come; I’d strongly suggest you watch “To see if I’m smiling” before you wish her ill.


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27 responses to “Eden Abergil gets meme treatment; says would be glad to massacre Arabs

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  3. Another Michael

    An Insane Arab Muslim state:

    If only arab countreys open their border and give Palestinians good weapons israel will be finish in a week i swear.

    You need weapons we have G´d with us do and say whatever you want, many countries in the world had tried to exterminate us and we still here, do you know why?

    Because G´d the almighty is with us he can punish us for our sin’s but at the end he will never broke his covenant with his chosen people the children of Israel anyone who attack the people of G´d will be wiped out by his mighty hand.

    When Messiah come all of you evil Muslims will be punished by the hand of G´d as the Egypt’s were in Yetziat Mitzraim

    • Marie

      If you believe in god, you should leave him well alone.

      What if god is a farmer whose hens and geese are at war. It doesn’t matter who wins, the survivors will be eaten anyway.

      NB: I made no spelling mistake. I don’t believe in god, particularly not in a god everybody claims is on their side.

      • clay

        God is real whether you like it or not.

        • Marie

          Sure! And he/she/it (your pick) is on your side, isn’t he/she/it ? And the guy of the other side thinks he/she/it is on his side, right?
          Faith is a wonderful thing. You don’t have to explain it, it just is.

  4. Another Michael

    To all the Muslims terrorist of this blog you are trying to convince the world that you are the victims, but history don’t lie your religion were founded by a evil man and you are evil as well trough history you had shown that Islam is nothing else than bloodshed abuse of the weak as children a women and kill everyone with different believes.

    You can fool many persons with your lies but not G´d when the time come you will receive the punishment of G´d the almighty the G´d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel).

  5. Koshiro

    “I really don’t think Abergil is a monster.”
    Really? What would she have to do then to classify as one? Act on her convictions and actually massacre some Arabs for fun? Would she be a ‘monster’ then? Or could that also be explained by ‘fear’?

    In the earlier post about this you explicitly said, and rightly so, that genocidal anti-Palestinian replies would not be tolerated. And you mentioned that some of the comments from the ‘other side’ are just as bad.

    Do you rationalize them away in the same manner? Just assume someone had posted a sentence like this:
    “I hate Jews and wish them all the worst and it would be fun for me to kill them or even massacre them you can’t forget what they’re doing nevermind the reason I’m just on the side of the Palestinian people!”
    That person, a fictional Palestinian, would also ‘speak and act like someone from a conflict area, who had well-grounded fears of Israeli political violence nourished and grown into a full-fledged paranoia’? Really? He would not be a fanatical, murderous anti-semite? ‘Cause that’s what I would call him.

    I mean, I don’t like a designation like ‘monster’ either. She’s a human, obviously, if a particularly despicable one. I also happen to think she is incredibly stupid, because even if she was morally incapable of a sincere apology, she could’ve been smart enough for a fake one. Or at least kept her mout shut. But any calls for understanding of the difficult conditions she grew up in sound odious to me. She’s responsible for her own words, actions and attitudes, and as far as I can tell, she’s just not a good person. No sympathy here.

    • Kiko

      Prefect response. I was thinking the same thing. What would the (I hate Arabs) statement sound like if it was turned into the other side.

      By already establishing the dichotomy Monster/non there is no value in the description.

    • Petr

      Awesome statement Koshiro. You hit the nail on the head. It has to be the same reporting done on both sides otherwise Dimi, what you are trying to acheive with your blog won’t work. Non-Jews will read your blog and think you also believe the same ‘types’ of things that Eden Abergil believes, and we know that boils down to racism.

    • Humanity

      I agree with you. She is clearly a despicable bad person. Even evil.. To say she could massacre them. And they don’t learn…what was done to them, massacred by the Nazis, she is willing to do to others. Disgusting. And inhumane. Evil zionists

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  7. Mohamed

    Thank you for exposing Israel’s ugly face to the world. Now regarding Eden Abergil’s zionist statement, David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister) once said: “If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti – Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?”

  8. Ahmad Ali

    The link to “To See If I am Smiling” documentary at the end of the article refers to NYTimes instead. The correct link is http://www.linktv.org/programs/to-see-if-i-am-smiling

    A must watch documentary.

    • Koshiro

      Well, it’s certainly interesting. But put it in perspective:
      This documentary is mostly about the psychological effects on the women. Okay, I get that. But it puts the other side out of the picture. I didn’t really see any of them being sorry for what they did, what they participated in, for the sake of their victims – but merely for the sake of themselves.
      Also consider that these women are incredibly privileged. They have the luxury of leaving the military after a few short years and go back to a normal life in freedom and relative material comfort, with ample opportunity to reflect on their horrible experiences.
      Palestinians who are on the receiving end of these horrors are never “released from service”. It’s not an episode they can recover from and come to terms with. It’s their entire life.

  9. Moosh

    The Banality of Occupation. Abergil is not on the fringe. She is only doing her duty (like others in the past)

  10. Sorry, Dimi, you’re wrong. Abergil is a monster – the kind created by the monstrous settler-colonial project of political Zionism. If she, and those like her, have, as you say, a well-grounded fear of Palestinian violence, it’s simply because wiping Palestine and its people off the map is at the core of the Zionist project. No self-respecting people would stand for what the Zionist colonisation and occupation of Palestine has perpetrated on the Palestinian people. Not, of course, that Palestinian resistance, or violence as you put it, comes anywhere near the violence unleashed year after bloody year by the monstrous Israel Offence Forces.

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  15. george

    I watched the movie. Yes, it is a strong and nerves-churning piece. But it IS biased. As actually everything in our world. Even scientific measurements and equations are so. What to tell about peoples’ feelings.
    Now, I very been to Israel many times. I know bout this country a lot. I travelled through the ‘Territories’ and have been attacked by stones, although I was just a tourist. Many Arabs told me absolutely different kind of story. Palestinian government is absolutely indifferent to the life of simple people on the west bank. They say, do you think that these tons of garbage on the streets someone’s else’s fault? No, they reply. Its ours. Murders and crime between Arabs themselves are DOZENS times more intensive and horrible than interrelations between Israelites and Arabs. No, they ain’t no advocates of Israel. They hate it. And confess they want Israel death. But what they say, is that their awful totally impoverished life that moves their youngsters to throw stones, is the result of them being entirely abandoned by Palestinian authorities, who invest much more money into their publicity as a ‘victim’ of Israel aggression. One of them, a journalist and a very educated man, told that hundreds of millions of dollars are embezzled or just thrown out to support that image of victims, rather than being invested in cities’ infrastructure, schools etc.

    Just review the experience of Jerusalem. Its true. You may check it. Once public schools for Palestinians have been started to be built and reopened, city crime has fallen fourfold. Immediately!! So all in all, a la guerre comme a la guerre. I can not denounce these girls, as I personally witnessed the harshness of Arabs on my own back. Sorry, I would love being on the other side….. Maybe today when the entire Europe ran across explosions, targeted on simple people, they will start to rethink the Israel experience….

  16. Humanity

    It’s sad people lose their humanity and are okay to treat other people in a demoralising, inhumane, causing fear etc. Lots of Palestinians are detained for no good reasons or minor reasons, trying to defend themselves and their land. Just as these Zionists are claiming to do. But yes theur young are brainwashed to hate their neighbours, group all as one,, killing is okay, taking their land is okay,, believing their zionist agenda is superior and the right and only one thst should exist. It’s so terrible to see young people having no heart, no morals, no conscious, no empathy, no sense of decency, prejudice, etc them or us mentality. Etc. But she is yes even though grew up with the mentality surrounding her, she is still a despicable person. You can’t fully justify her actions. .. And they think Arabs are all bad. They need to look at themselves. They think because they are the chosen ones, they have the right to claim the land, push away or kill the existing ones. It’s justifiable. If the usa, Australia, or UK had a group of people settle in their country then forcibly expand, taking more land by force, having their own ideology, the people of the land eg. Americans, Australians or the English wouldn’t try to defend themselves? Lol. Obviously they would. But Palestinians doing it, their terrorists, their bad, etc. I love how the bullies of the world try to sell the idea the victims are the bullies…

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