Liveblog: Driver who killed Rachel Corrie testifies

I’m spending the day at the last, and possibly most important hearing, of the Corrie family vs State of Israel trial. The driver who actually killed Rachel will take the stand in a couple of hours. As Harriet Sherwood reports in this morning’s Guardian, he was allowed anonymity for the hearing, and will speak from behind a screen. The driver’s name, of course, is already in the public domain; and I’m sure his picture will not be hard to locate. What the state appears to want to spare him is facing his victim’s parents and looking them into the eye.

Circumstances permitting , I’ll be trying to live-blog the testimony. To preserve the flow of the examination and cross examination, and contrary to the accepted live-blogging style, the newest updates will appear at the bottom. If the blog malfunctions for some reason, I’ll switch to Twitter, at

One other small note before we begin: To me, the main question that should be asked of the driver, is why he put the bulldozer in reverse after hitting Rachel the first time, as he himself said on several occasions. The question of visibility is difficult to prove, and, to my mind, secondary: It’s conceivable the driver /could/ have been distracted and didn’t notice Rachel going under the blade. What has been left unexplained is why a few seconds later, when he “noticed people running toward me and shouting,” he understood “we may have hit someone” and then “put it in reverse and backtracked a few meters,” running over the activist a second and fatal time. Surely, this goes contradictory to safety regulations and basic common sense? Here’s to hoping somebody asks this question.

Updates will appear below, in normal chronological order. Glossary: J=judge, W=witness, P=plaintiffs, S=state.

Update: Sorry folks: No typing possible in the courtroom. Will write up as soon as hearing is done.

Update: I’ve uploaded my impressions of the hearing as a separate post.
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  1. annie

    waiting w/anticipation dimi.

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