Ultra-rightist Israeli Facebook group: Where can we get explosives?

Zion Fighters” is a steadily growing ultra-rightist group that’s trying hard to become  a real organisation. Its imagery and language are extremely militant, rallying against non-Jewish MKs, left wingers and, obviously, Arabs. But last night members of their Facebook group broke a record of sorts:

Aviv Tam: Who can get C4 [plastic explosives]?

Karin Cohen: Lol great question I didn’t manage to get a gun and you’re talking to me about C4? We have a stupid country every 8 years old in Gaza has a bazooka, I’m older than him and I want a gun and can’t get it, there [in Gaza] as much weapons as there’s  sand baaaah

Gorge Jacluine: if u need to buy a gun and cant just build a mechanisem to shoot a bullet then u most likely shouldnt have one in the first place… : )

Aviv Tam: It’s all humorously, right?!

Karin Cohen: I’m actually about taking it seriously…

Aviv Tam: Me too, I mean it’s off the record.

Note that judging by the profile pictures, Tam at least appears to be a soldier in the IDF.


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4 responses to “Ultra-rightist Israeli Facebook group: Where can we get explosives?

  1. Note to extremists: saying “off the record” when posting to the known universe doesn’t exactly hold any force.

    Is this group being actively monitored within Israel? One would hope.

  2. Karin Cohen

    Listen, just by accidentally im the Karin Cohen in the picutre who appears there.
    I came here by accident when I googled myself, I can tell you that its right what I said I was being serious but lets live in the real world, Israel is a country with law, there is great enforcement and goverment and unlike the chaos and anarchy in Gaza.
    After what ive been through with many palestinians and still going through I think i have the full right the to express my opinions as a person.
    Dont try to subject all israelians and put them as the “bastards” in every story to draw the attention and sympathy of the people torwards the palestinians.
    It is my full right to hate certain people who done nothing but harm me and still do it and only try to hurt me.
    Im not the only one who says that, as long as you’re not in my shoes I dont think anyone has the right to judge me.
    Every people from every nation that doesn’t live in israel and put their support in certain side just by hearing rumors and stories.
    I suggest you read the news and get updated a little bit cause only in Israel even innocent tourist gets hurt from the fire that’s been shot from Gaza and not the opposite.
    I do not recall that ever till today that we sent a suicide bomber to Gaza, and people that are aware of the truth, I will take an example of someone from the United Nations representative that called palestinians liars and storytellers.
    I can tell you what is really going on here and I can direct you to documentary videos that will change the way you think and make you aware of the situation
    The palestinians call us terrorists, I dont think our people has an organized terrorist groups like the Jihad and Hamas etc.
    I dont think that ever we let young boys who hasnt even joined the army yet to hold a weapon, again, unlike citizen of Gaza that a 10 year old kids has Bazooka on their possession.
    As long as I express my opinions, my freedom of expression like every person, and im just talkin! you can talk alot just like the palestinians talks about us we’re okay. the thing is we only talk but we dont do anything about it unlike them!.

    • shamir m

      She got a point,
      I know this girl im from Israel, she is sweet loving and caring person,
      But when it comes to palestinians she has a point, unless you live our lifes stop juding us, and unlike the Jihad / Hamas etc, WE ARE NOT TERRORIST they ARE they send their 12 years old kid to suicide ( as suicide bombers ) they equip them with Ak47’s and bazooka etc.
      When was the last time you seen an israelian 12year old kid who HELD a gun? NEVER this group is right and they got a point but again unlike the hamas and jihad and palestinians we only talk and you never seen an israeli suicide bomber, israel HAS no terrorist only the arabs has.

      • Rick

        “The palestinians call us terrorists, I dont think our people has an organized terrorist groups like the Jihad and Hamas etc.”

        Yes, and you’re trying to create one group exactly like Hamas , actually much worse.

        These zio-nazis are unbelievably cynical.

        They talk about killing people on Facebook and then, when they are discovered, start complaining about how Israel is portrayed. Actually, you hate the fact that you are discovered, caught on tape and try to silence the others with pathetic arguments. Don’t you feel ashamed of being so cyinical?

        “She has a point” – yeah, the nazis had a “point” about you too.

        You’re a bunch of nazis – there is no difference between Hitler and you. You are the same kind of racial supremacist and violent people as the nazis.

        I’m christian, my great-grandmother was jewish and thank God she converted to christianism. I would hate being raised like someone that hates and despise the rest of the world like you.

        And yes, I’m supporting Hamas, Hezbollah and other groups. Now I understand the kind of “people” the palestinians have to deal with. I hope they achieve their goals – ALL OF THEM!


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