The best years of her life | Fond memories of blindfolded prisoners

(Updated below)

The excellent Hebrew blog “Sachim” (kinda like the Israeli word for “mates”), which tracks the character of the young, pseudo-liberal Israeli mainstream, published a selection of pictures from the Facebook profile of one Eden Abergil, a recently discharged IDF woman soldier. The album, titled “Army.. the most beautiful time of my life :) ”  begins with fairly ordinary stuff:

But then…

Comment from Shani Cohen: "LOL all my loves in one picture!!! My heart is pumping hard!!!"

And then…

And the comments:

Adi Tal: “You’re the sexiest like that…”

Eden Abergil: “Yeah I know lol mummy what a day it was look how he completes my picture, I wonder if he’s got Facebook! I have to tag him in the picture! lol”

Shani Cohen: “LOL you psycho… I wonder who’s the photographerrrrr”

Shani Cohen: “Eden… he’s got a hard-on for you… lol for sure!!!”

Eden Abergil: Lol no honey he’s got a hard-on for youuu this is why you took that picture lol you took my picture!!!!”

In case you thought/hoped this was satyre, here’s the original album, [update 5pm: now blocked] and here’s a screen capture:

Theses pictures really do speak for themselves; of course, Abergil is no better or worse than thousands of other Israeli soldiers, and I’d like to hope a few years from now she’ll be appalled, rather than amused by the memories. We may and should cut slack to the effect of conflict on a young person’s sensitivity and moral standards – Abergil by no means should be scapegoated for all excesses of the IDF – and remember efforts by separate individuals, even in uniform, to make an intolerable situation more bearable.

But we should always remember  that this, only this and nothing else, with its ignorance, naive bigotry, and blunt power-play – is the real face of our occupation of the West Bank:

Israeli blogosphere and third sector are already abuzz about this; I’ll update this post as soon as the first official complaint is filed or new information comes in.

Update 3:20pm: Ynet and Globes caught up with the story. Globes carries the first comment from the IDF spokesperson:

On the face of it, this is blunt, ugly behavior by the soldier. Considering the fact the soldier was discharged last year, all details of the case were transferred to her commanders, for further treatment.

Ynet has a statement from the Public Committee Against Torture:

‫”‬Pictures of this kind reflect the norms accepted among Israeli soldiers at checkpoint, and the treatment meted out to Palestinian detainees.”
Clarification: I did approach Ms Abergil for comment. No reply so far.
Update 5pm: Abergil responded to blogger and musician Dan-ya Shwartz, saying: “I don’t understand why it’s any of your business to go prying through people’s Facebooks and always find the bad. [Go] deal with more important matters. “
Update 5:30pm: Abergil changed her privacy settings, blocking her album to non-friends.
Update 5:45pm: This has to be the quickest internet shit-storm I ever watched unfold in Israel: FakeEdenAbergil just went on air.
Update 6pm: The story is now the main headline on
Update 7pm: Abergil replied to a query from Lisa Goldman: “I don’t speak to lefties.”
Part II: Breaking the Silence release worse photos | Part III: Abergil gets meme treatment, declares she would be happy to massacre Arabs.


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327 responses to “The best years of her life | Fond memories of blindfolded prisoners

  1. This is just disgusting.

    • rony

      just to make it clear im israeli.
      eden as a soldier is not a privte person and her actions reflect on a much bigger organization like the israeli army.
      this is no doubt a wrong thing to do and im sure that she will be sentenced for doing something out of the army athics. the athic code is something that the IDF are very proud about and from time to time they prove not to tolerate actions like this.

      on the other hand COME ON your reaction to this is so so so exaggerated and overdone.
      one can think that you really care about one another. have alook at your brotherhood of love at and how you treat your woman.

      • Alex

        Thanks, I totally agree with you.
        But give up, people here are just ANTI israel and no matter what, they’ll keep on criticizing.

        They lost every common sense and objective jugement. They only see the bad from Israel and total forget what happens on the other side. this is ridiculous and we are just seing a war of propaganda.

        Cheers, good luck with your crazy neighbours overthere. I wouldn’t like to be in this army facing those radicals every day.


        • AJKA

          Qu’Allah fera tomber son chatiment le plus verulent sur cette pauvre et mauvaise femme!

        • David

          If this is so and I suppose it is (although not to the extent you seem to imply), perhaps it would be a good idea to try having a serious, reasonable, logical discussion about why this has become the case.

          Most people of our generation (assuming you are in your 30s or younger) just can’t accept being labeled an anti-semite when they opposite Israeli policies. It is argument often stemming from the Israeli side that lacks objectivity.

          Perhaps what Israel is doing in the ME and its consequences for the area (AND back home in N. America as a result) are simply not compatible with the ideals Israel purports to have the world think it represents in a democracy.

      • nona

        shame on you
        this is isreal

    • Alex

      Rien de bien choquant!!! on veut encore faire du sensationnel avec rien et comme toujours la presse pro-palestienne se satisfait d’une croute de pain sec.

      Sérieusement, cela n’a rien n’a voir avec abu Grahib. Il n’y a pas de troture ici, il n’y rien à part une jeune idiote qui sourit sur trois photos avec des prisonniers. Les autres photos sont des photos d’amis qui rigolent entre eux .

      Et simple question, ils font quoi les palestiniens ou les psychopates du hezbollah lorsqu’ils ont un prisonnier israelien? ha oui, c’est vrai, soit ils demandent des rançons soit ils les tuent.

      Vos réactions sont hypocrites au possible…

      • anonyme

        Coucou Alex.

        J’ai lu 2 publications à toi ..
        Je respecte ta façons de voir les choses .
        Mais sur un point je suis pas tous a fait daccord avec toi …
        Déjà en 1 ier tu dis que y’a rien de choquant .. beh si c’est choquant t’as une psychopate Israeliene qui se, photographie avec des prisoniers .. Et dexièmment tu dis que les palestinniens quand il enprisonent des soldat il demande, des ransons c’est vraiment n’importe quoi … !!!
        Eux n’ont pas besoins de tous ces chares ces armes nucléaire et ces 4000 BOMBE. Eux sont fort il ont de la foi ..
        ous les pro-Israeliens vous inventer vraiment tous tous les mensonge qui y’a au monde pour faire croire au monde antier que la Palestine vous appartient .
        Mais L’islam est fort … On vas réccupérer inchallah toute la Palestine ..! (l)

      • Je vois bien

        A propos des “rancons”, ils n’ont pas besoin d’argent pour le faire. ils cherchent à récupérer leur parent qui sont en milliers dans les prisons israéliennes . “Ils les tuent”, par contre ils sont bien traités lorsqu’ils les captures(leur religion leur exige cela).(la preuve “Shalite est-il mort?”non, car il vaut plus cher quand il est vivant). Réveilles toi Baby. Je sais que t’es aveugle pour voir la vérité. Mais essaye quand même. Pour Finir, pour toi ce sont des terroristes et “résistants” sa n’existe pas dans ton dictionnaire? Que Dieu te guide vers la lumiere qui va paraitre claire un de ces jours. Il y a difference entre Hezbollah, Hamas(résistants) et AlQaida(terroristes).

        • Alex

          Mais c’est toi que ne semble plus faire la différence entre “résistant” et “recherche de violence à tout prix”.
          Le problème c’est la religion: Les nigérians qui tuent les chrétiens, ce snot des résistants, les ivoiriens qui cherchent la guerre, ce sont des résistants? les tribunaux islamiques qui se sont battus contre l’éthiopie en somalie, ce sont des résistants? les jajawid qui tuent tout le monde dans Darfour, ce sont des résistants (plus de 3millions de morts déjà et tout le monde s”en fout, un des pires génocides!!! personne n’en parle), les troupent de l’UCK au kosovo, ce sont des résistants ou des sales meurtriers? les groupes islamistes au daghestan, tchetchenie, ce sont des résistants? les rebels du sud de la thailande qui tuent presque tous les jours, ce sont des résistants? les groupes rebels au Phlippines, ce sont des réistants? les attaques contre les minorités chrétiennes en indonésies, c’est aussi des résistants?

          Toi ouvre les yeux! Le cas d’Isreal est différent, je te l’accorde. Mais ni le Hamas ( qui a préféré faire la guerre avec le Fatah pour ne pas avoir d’opposition et être libre dans ses actions radicales) ni le Hezbollah ne cherchent la paix. Ils justifient leur existence par la violence uniquement. Ce n’est même pas dur de concevoir qu’ils ont participé au meurtre d’Arafat.
          Si tu es trop aveugle pour te rendre compte de cela et si c’est trop dur de voir le Hamas et le Hezbollah comme des groupes religieux radicaux SANS aucune intention de paix, c’est toi que dieu doit guider.

          • Alex


            Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi, les guerres se font à deux et dans ce monde il y aura toujours des rapports de forces.
            L’occident est à blamer dans énormément de conflit.

            Question génocide, on reconnait le génocide rwandais, le génocide cambodgien. D’autres massacres ou extinctions à petits feux ne sont pas dénoncés et cela dans le monde entier et pas que par l’occident. Il y a des massacres de tous les côtés mais on nous ramène en permance à ce conflit israelo-palestinien avec une guerre de propagande ridicule.

            Ce qui m’exaspère c’est les comparaisons Israel-nazi suite à trois ridicules photos. Faut arrêter le délire 5 minutes! Si cela sucite ces réactions, alors pourquoi tous les autres conflits que j’ai cités ne sucitent rien? ce sont des conflits dans des pays instables, mais israel et la palestine sont des régions instable, cela ne change rien.

            Enfin, concernant la bible et la place des juifs à cette endroit, ce n’est aps la bible, ce sont les historiens-mêmes qui le disent. Ils y a toujours des juifs sur ces terres et les juifs comme les palestiniens ont le droit d’y vivre.
            Le problème est que lors d’un conflit il faut un perdant et un gagnant. Mais lorsqu’on regarde l’histoire et la guerre du kepour ou des six jours, israel s’est bien fait agressé également par ses voisins qui eux n’en ont rien à foutre des palestiniens. Cela soulève également des questions. Le monde arabe se dit uni derrière la palestine, moi je vois le monde arabe uni dans la haine des juifs et non dans la recherche d’une solution. Qui plus est, je le redis, je ne comprends pas, palestiniens sont plutot shiites et le reste du monde arabe en grande partie sunnite. Ils se font sauter tous les jours en iraq sans que personne ne disent quoique ce soit. C’est juste incohérent et cela révèle aussi un vrai manque de volonté de paix dans le monde arabe qui n’est pas fichu de parler d’une seule voix SAUF lorsqu’il faut insulter israel, c’est juste pas crédible…

          • marie

            Salut Alex

            bref peut être que tu dis vrai sur beaucoup de point.

            -On parle d’une femme prenant des photos avec des prisonniers, que dirais tu si je montre des photos d’israéliens ligotés sue mon facebook, je pense que, je serai déjà en prison ou autres!!!!
            Pour moi c’est pas une guerre, c’est un génocide, on déplace une population sous le prétexte que dans un lire, qui sort d’une imprimerie, que c la terre sainte, ya un truc qui cloche.

            -pourquoi l’Holocaust, aux yeux de tout le monde, est le seul génocide cruel!

            -et la plupart des conflits ou génocide que tu cites sont dans des pays instable.

            -Tu oublis ce qui c’est passé antérieurement, Hiroshima, guerre d’Algérie, qui a financé BEN LADEN, pourquoi avoir attaqué l’IRAK(sachant que les armes de destruction massive était un leur), ya quoi en Afghanistan???

            Poste toi c questions

      • Alex

        If palestinian or hezbollah soldiers catch her, they rape her, torture her of just kill her…
        Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…

        you are such hypocrit on this site… you are the digusting ones here, not her.

        • Falastin

          Actually, the captured Zionist soldier is being treated better than the majority of political activists that Israel arrests and tortures because they have the chutzpah to want their own freedom.

        • Anders

          Utter Bullshit
          Hamas which is a hardline Palestinian group caught a zionist soldier and he is alive and well. Seems even he took on a few pounds since he was captured.
          Hezbollah also caught a zionist major and swapped him with arab prisoners. So stop your zionshit, no one believes it anymore.
          What this soldier did is disgusting regardless of her nationality or religion.

        • K OF

          That is an utter lie, and you know it! I cannot believe you would make such up. Gilad Shalit was the first soldier to be taken prisoner by Palestinians since 1994! So what you say there is an example of how Israel seeks to dehumanize the Palestinians, and that sir, is a disgrace!

      • jej

        Ceux qui rient dans ces circonstances ont perdu conscience de ce qu’ils font.

      • jacob

        monsieur alex
        je me demande pourquoi israel ne fait pas fin a ce conflit. ella a tout le pouvoir pour le faire. parceque c´est elle qui est sur terre. au lieu de se retirer au frontieres de 1967 et lancer des negociations avec les palestiniens pour en trouver la solution, israel donne la preuve q´elle n´est plus interesée y continue a construire , expulser, et humilier aux palestiens. tenant compte que israel n´a en aucaun cas et en aucun moment accepte les resolutions de l´ONU sur le conflit.
        j´espere que israel tende un peu sa main a la paix car le victoire ne sera jamais a son coté.
        c´est ça l´histoire.

      • Amok

        Si tu voyais les photos de jeunesse de soldats allemands en train de poser devant leurs prisonniers (résistants, juifs, manouches, communistes ou américains) pour montrer à quel point ils ont passé un service militaire agréable et épanouissant, garderais-tu un flegme aussi modéré ?
        Quand on voit à quel point la solidarité internationale peine à se manifester pour les 20 millions de pakistanais privés aujourd’hui de tout, ne crois-tu pas que ton amalgame absurde ne représente un réel danger pour une lecture universelle de la condition humaine (les vieux sont vieux, les bébés sont des bébés, les femmes sont des femmes, les chinois qui fabriquent tes chaussures ont moins de 15 ans… Avant de chercher à déterminer si on a affaire à des terroristes ou à des prostitués, qu’ils soient juifs, arabes, noirs, chinois, croates, serbes, rwandais, les droits de l’homme s’appliquent … aux êtres humains sans distinction, paraît-il.) ?
        Il y a soixante ans, les fascistes européens proféraient le même type d’insanité en dénonçant l’appartenance ethnique des riches banquiers détenteurs des fonds privés qui plongeaient la population dans le dénuement ; était-ce donc justifiable ?
        Quand on te dit qu’il y a une catastrophe à un endroit du monde, réfléchis-tu d’abord à la couleur, l’ethnie, la religion, l’engagement politique, social ou économique des populations concernées ? Ou peut-être à la nourriture qu’elles préfèrent, la couleur des fleurs qu’on trouve dans leur jardin, ou la manière dont tel ou tel rite de passage s’effectue ?
        Quand un abruti tabasse des gens sans défense, tu vas d’abord regarder s’il a une “bonne” raison de le faire ?
        Il y a toujours une raison … celle du plus c..

        • Alex

          pourquoi ne dis-tu pas cela à ceux qui ne font que cracher leur haine sur les juifs, israel et qui me disent qu’avec la force d’allah ils vaincront?
          pourquoi ne le dis-tu pas à ceux là qui sont ici?

          Il me semble que tu es bien partial pour une personne qui veut me faire la morale…

      • Haouet

        je me demande que serait ta réaction et celle de tout les juifs du monde entier si qlq1 prenait une photo d’un soldat israélien ligoté ou blessé et qu’on fesait des commentaires “idiots” comme tu disai?
        je crois deviner ta reaction, vous allez porter pleinte pr antisémitisme et faire tt un scandale dans le monde entier pr nous re-casser les couillles avec ce ke les juif on du endurer pendant la 2 eme guerre mondiale…
        et ke cela leurs donne, bien entendu, le droit de se defouler sur les palestiniens tt ceux ki les soutiennent etc…
        n’es pa vrai?

      • judith aziza

        L’ignorance… nous conduit à la bêtise, et elle n’a pas de limites.
        1. Suis juive, mais je sais que la résistance à l’occupation et à la colonisation est un droit; et les pauvres jeunes de Tsahal dont le cerveau est lessivé de mensonges… ne savent plus ce que veut dire l’humain… le déni de l’Autre… Autre =arabe…
        2. Mon fils s’est tiré des balles sur le pied pour pas aller en guerre… pour gaza… depuis il est partit je ne sais, et les seules nouvelles est qu’il se drogue…
        3. Nous ne dormons plus, car la maison que nous avons occupé est hantée… elle appartient à des palestiniens chrétiens… qui un jour sont venus visiter leur demeure (maintenant coupée en 6 logements dont trois occupés par des russes pas juifs..
        4. Une photo de jeune fille inculte.. un videur de bar qui représente un Etat voyou, assassin… des saccages d’oliviers, des assassinats ciblés… dites moi si je peux encore assurer l’avenir de mes enfants et dire à mes petits enfants qu’ici c’est leur terre..
        5. Le hezbollah est la seule partie que nous entendons pour savoir ce qui est juste… horreur de ceux qui savent que l’extrêmisme et le déni de toute l’histoire a construit un peuple “menteur, voleur, pilleur…” non je ne suis pas fière de cette fille inconsciente qui aurait pu être ma fille… Poser devant des prisonniers dont le seul tort est d’être les habitant de cette terre volée de Palestine… cela doit nous faire réfléchir… ce qui ne semble pas être la lucidité de tous… pour qui seule la force pourrait selon eux les sauver… mais jusqu’à quand..???
        soyons lucides… et si vous voulez comprendre votre ennemi écoutez le …

    • Israeli Shame

      This has been going on since 1948. Wake up people! Israel and its soldiers is bad for humanity. They learned from Hitler and are practicing his tactics on the Palestinians. Humiliation is in Israel’s blood. And remember this humiliation happens on palestinians’ land. Shame on the world. Shame that we live in this age. And fuck america for supporting this.

      • EMTMama

        (yawn) Your propaganda makes me sleepy.

      • mike

        The fact is, ever since 1948 the arabs tried many times to attack the jews. The arabs killed out many comunities of jews and always shot and killed their prisoners. Wonder why Israel has so many arab prisoners and the arabs only have a handfull to trade?
        The better question is, why did the arabs kill out the jews i Hebron in 1929? There wasn’t an Israel yet.
        Why did Hitler get along with the arabs 10 years before there was an Israel?

        • David

          Aside from the quickly discernible fact that this post is beyond boring and filled with inaccuracy, one wonders where did you learn your history. Do you have any real idea about exactly what was going on in the 80 years leading up to the creation of the state of Israel?

          Me thinks… Your post reads like blah blah blah

      • Marie

        “They learned from Hitler and are practicing his tactics on the Palestinians”

        Oh really ? It seems to me they missed a few points. If they had really learnt from Hitler, there would be nobody left in Gaza. No one! Get that?

        I don’t care who’s right or wrong here, but it makes me sick to read nonsenses like that.

      • NotGert

        Israeli Shame,

        You are completely insane. Your absurd, exaggerated anti-Israel crap is ridiculous. Go back to your nazi site or wherever you came from

      • DBYACOV

        I hope you go to hell I.S. You are a liar with absolutely no facts, just slogans and jingoism. Apartheid state? Hey idiot that happened in South Africa, you cannot even compare it to Israel. You probably are an Arab, terrorist supporting bloodthirsty scumbag who just hates Jews because you are crazy. Will you damn Arabs stop trying to take what is not yours – i.e. Israel including Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. You are lucky the Israel didn’t blow up your heretical abomination that so called Mosque defacing and insulting our holy Temple.

        • Jimmyd

          Sorry to tell you this DBYACOV but it is israhell who is taking what is not thiers. You spew anti-semitism to the point where it’s laughable. That trick won’t work anymore, you use the holocaust to justify what israhell is doing to the Palestinians. Also you have no real argument that’s why all you do is attack and name call, another old trick that doesn’t work anymore. Israhell will fall, because people are waking up to the autrocities they are committing in the name anti-semitism. Your spewed lies are being recognized for what they are……pure BULLSHIT.

        • michael levine

          I’ve lived in Israel and South Africa. And Israel is far worse than SA ever was.

          And the comments above show the moral cretins for what they are. Zionist driving the Jewish people to suicide. And taking half the planet with them.

          Time for a Jewish intafada against Zionism

        • Israeli Shame

          First of all, im am not an Arab, or a Muslim, or a Jew for that fact. I am a christian for humanity. What you were taught in your childhood is all wrong. DBYACOV, let me put it straight to your head … whether you like it or not, Zionism is Racism on Steroids. It is not sustainable. The will of the world is bigger than Zionism. Look thoughout history DBYACOV, No Empire ever sustained its racism, brutality and occupation, and inhumane treatment of human beings. What makes you think that Zionism can?

        • David

          To DBYACOV

          You have no idea how sick the public is, particularly as new generations who are growing up without ONE anti-semitic bone in their bodies, of discovering Israeli policy and its consequences in the ME and in America, yet when a fair, objective discussion about these horrendous problems takes places, Zionists like yourself come out of the woodwork as if robotically coerced, to stamp out the discussion by labeling the offender an anti-semitic Nazi supporter. GET A LIFE, the world is getting sick of this attitude.

          It is not civil, it is not constructive, it is only working to portray you guys as becoming increasingly delusional as your occupation wears on and support for it continues to drain.

          You have the nerve to call people anti-semitic when such a statement is undeserved, while at the same time making racist comments of your own about Arabs and associating them all with terrorism.
          Israel is an apartheid state and the sooner you realize it is not worldwide anti-semitism that fuels this opinion, the sooner you will be able to redeem yourselves.

      • Israeli Shame

        Without America’s help … this would never happen! Israel is a short-term country. No country ever sustained Racism and Apartheid!

  2. Thanks for publishing this story. It’s important!

    • NotGert

      No, it isn’t. It’s one stupid girl making funny faces when she shouldn’t. Get a reality check.

      It’s only “important” for the Israel-hating crowd to scream like wild lunatics over something trivial.

      One dumb girl posted bad photos. That’s it.

      • Alex

        Oh please, do shut up.

        Oh and FYI: You can support the freedom of the Palestinian people, not be a Nazi, not me anti-Semitic, and not support Hamas.

  3. Ismail

    This bitch must be proud of herself hey

    • dena

      to ismail,

      a lot of soldiers are men. perhaps your vocabulary could use some work. this is 2010, after all. i’m sure there are other ways you could have described the situation. maybe heinous collaborating war criminal, or something? as in “That heinous collaborating war criminal must be proud of herself.” gets the point across, right, without making ME feel like shit. thanks.

  4. michael

    “In case you thought/hoped this was satyre […]”

    I did…! :-( Don’t know what’s more disturbing, those photos or her/her followers reaction to them…

    • michael

      P.S.: The album is no longer public, is it?!

      • Osama

        Of course its not. Now, whats important, is not to focus on this issue by itself, we just need to go beyond the article and see the big picture. How many other Israeli soldiers posting similar photos? Or perhaps how many cases such as this are occurring everyday! I mean what we see inside the pictures!!

  5. Osama

    We should all be thankful to her because she was honestly depicting and representing the behavior of IDF soldiers. I hope the world can see this and thanks for the blog owner for disclosing this arrogance and naivety that only reflects the ugly face of the Israeli occupation!

    • NotGert

      No, it only reflects the ugly face of one stupid girl.

      Unless you’re a dumb nazi or terrorist-supporter who wants to harm Israel, then you pretend it’s the whole country.

      • Saba

        So you have to be either a nazi or a terrorist supporter to disagree with IDF????? Seriously?? I guess half the world is both then! the sad thing is not too long ago jews were being tortured in the holocaust, and now they feel its okay to do the same to others. May God put his curse on you and anyone who even thinks this is ok.

  6. musicia

    you see there is nothing really called as ‘civilian’ at Israel:(

  7. Alon

    The article says: “of course, Abergil is no better or worse than thousands of other Israeli soldiers…” ,
    and I completely disagree!

    She is a seriously “challenged” human being. What she did is appalling and is probably a result of low (to non existent) intelligence and sense of compassion, but it does not(!) represent thousands in the army I’ve been a part of. This kind of behavior makes us look terrible and we don’t need the extra exaggeration in the frequency of the phenomenon.

    • samantka

      If you join ANY military you defy Gods law.

      • Hugues

        Since there are people on this board who read Hebrew quite well, is it true that the “thou shall not kill” commandment really reads as “Thou shall not murder”, which is quite different. The God of the old testament seemed quite happy about defeating Israel’s enemy.

        • michael levine

          You dare to say that killing gives G’d happiness?
          You are good evidence that Zionism is really the return of the Zealots. Enjoy your national suicide which is assured. I stay in the diaspora and try and save as many Jews from your twisted thinking

          • Josh Strike

            How about, if you join a military *or a religion* you’re a conformist, follower and idiot? It’s no more surprising that an Israeli soldier would do this for her army, than that a Palestinian woman would encourage her children to blow themselves up for her religion. What a massive pile of stupidity.

    • rich mccarthy

      I am a Canadian, almost 70 years old. For most of my life I sympathized with Israel, supported their right to exist in peace.

      I haven’t changed my feelings about that, but I must add that I am outraged at the brutal treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Since Israel dominates and therefore has complete control over these two areas, international law – and basic codes of ethics and morality – state that Israel is responsible to treat these people the same as citizens, humanely and with compassion.

      Don’t tell me any excuses! Of all peoples, Jews whose people suffered the outrages of the holocaust should be the FIRST to reject the unjust way that Israel has acted toward a subject people.

    • Osama

      Alon: apart from her inhuman behavior, do you really agree with seeing people arrested in such a way? is that human???

      • Siro

        Osama – What way would you have them arrested?
        Handcuffing is standard practice even in police work, and blindfolding is standard practice in military arrests all over.

        My impression is that these are newly arrested suspects, held in the base of the arresting unit, awaiting processing.

        Clearly it’s a shame that someone like this prick of a human being was involved in their arrest, or had time to pose for such photos.

        But the arrests are a necessary evil, since they stopped hundreds of people from exploding on Israeli streets.

        • Amani

          don’t talk about exposions … (the only thing that you always give as an excuse)
          just remind me of the last one… when was it
          and believe me if we want to do theses explosion we can do them .. no one can prevent us , not the wall and not anything else
          you no many Palestinian workers can enter Israel without a permit in which it means that we can access to Isreal if we can so stop taking it as an excuse
          and see what you are goverment is still doing
          mainly everyday a Palestinian is killed
          the checkpoints are all around, soldiers of young ages are making fun of old people, insulting us with no mean of humanity
          settelmenta are still expanding with those crazy settlers who burn the Palestinians land and kill them
          the discrimination wall that prevents Palestinians from their families, lands and work
          and you still are justifying this not human action by this soldier
          I am Palestinian and i pass check points many times
          what do you think of a soldier who asks us to sing inorder to let us go
          or to ask us to open and close the window several time or to stop the car for 2 hours with no reason
          you are the worest occupation ever

        • Koshiro

          “blindfolding is standard practice in military arrests all over.”
          Is it? Says who? As far as I’m informed it is not at all standard practice, but in fact restricted to very specific cases – and of dubious legality.

          There is, of course, a reason to this which is demonstrated splendidly by this very affair: Blindfolded prisoners cannot identify their assailants if they are mistreated, abused or mocked.

          Now in this specific case, this bitch (or if you prefer a gender-neutral term, asshole) was stupid enough to put the evidence of her depravity on the Internet for the whole world to see. But if she had just taken the photos for her family album or had been smart enough not to put herself in the pictures, she would never have been discovered.

        • Toni

          Siro, the point is not what way would the palestinians be arrested (many of them are arrested for throwing stones), the point is the inmorality of such pictures, something from which you are trying to deviate attention. And btw, detaining someone does not make him automatically into a criminal. There has to be an investigation before to know whether the person is innocent. This argument surprises me as all the apologists of israel argue that it is a great western democracy.

  8. Noa

    Thanks for posting this and for updating. Funny how those Israelis get so indignant over this, when in fact, dehumanizing Palestinians have been the standard and norm for soldiers and so-called civilians (the boundaries aren’t that clear anyway).
    Question to the OP: when you did have access to her photo albums, did you manage to send a report to FB?

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  11. asaf

    What a disgrace. Regardless of their innocence, it’s inhuman to these Palestinians to be display in such a manner. It’s unfortunate that scum like Eden Abergil find this funny. This makes me sick and ashamed.

  12. Mlik

    C’mon !
    Does she touch him ? Does she do something bad to him ?
    And worst: what, do you think, he will do to her if he, as a member of a terror organization, take her as hostage ?

    OK this is not nice what she did. And OK it’s not smart neither! But everybody can make mistakes.
    Now, if you use that as an example to say “look at this dirty jewish soldier”… The shame is on you.

    If there where no terror, there would be not such things.

    • GG

      A comment for Mlik, if it wasn’t for the Zionist agenda of “Eretz Israel”, the terrorists wouldn’t even exist. And after all, they learned the art of terrorism from the Zionist Haganah, Irgun, and Stern Gang terrorists in the 1940s (Google the “King David Hotel bombing”for one example). No, the shame is on the zionists for a 100-year campaign to forcibly displace the Palestinians and take their country from them!

    • samantka

      OH so IT IS OK because he MIGHT have done it to her. So if I “think” “assume” some one MIGHT cause me harm or his brother sister ect. I am allowed to disrespect and defile another person.
      I was raped by a person in The USA so with this thinking I should be allowed to disrespect and defile all american men. Treat them like dogs and laugh at them. I mean hell one american raped me must mean all american men are rapists.? Right?.
      BLARNEY BS My rapist was 1 ONE person. Responsible for his actions I can not even think of what? Having his mother sister wife daughter raped I mean hey they did it to me (through him) right?
      I ask you to rethink your reasoning

    • Shay

      This isn’t a mistake, but a war crime, and should be treated as such.

    • Gil

      Surely you’d reply the same way if you, for example, were arrested, handcuffed and blindfolded when policemen would pose pouting and taking photographs.

      Being arrested doesn’t turn them into terrorists, Palestinians get arrested – and often released right after – all the time.
      It doesn’t mean she has the right to humuliate her.

      Moreover, surely she didn’t arrest them herself, and more people were present at the scene including the one taking the photographs and her delightful facebook friends, all a part of the problem. Not to mention her replies. This isn’t one person’s mistake, and while not all IDF soldiers are bad people – it’s an evidence that something bad is happening in IDF, something that can not be ignored.

  13. wow, this was… QUICK.

  14. dafi

    you know,there is a saying in the bible..i’m not sure i’m translating it properly but i hope you’ll understand. it goes like this:
    “those who have mercy for the cruel, will eventually be cruel to those who are merciful”.
    or for those who speek hebrew:
    מי שמרחם על אכזרים,סופו שיתאכזר לרחמנים.
    let’s not forget that those prisoners are not “goody too-shoes”. they are terrorists! and for that they should be detained. now, i am not saying that this soldier is very inteligent for taking those photos…but come on…think for exemple about what happend in 9/11…would’nt you rather see the terrorists who did it blind-folded and handcuffed rather then having them doing what they did?
    no one is perfect, and the IDF is really trying its best to be as human as possible. you can’t generalise from one soldier.
    thank you.

    • Noa

      who are the real terrorists here?
      One one side – you have a foreign colonizer who took over indigenous lands and properties and has committed unspeakable atrocities for over 60 years now.
      On the other, you have the natives of this land, dispossessed, terrorized, humiliated on a daily basis by the colonizer. Resistance is not terrorism. Colonialism most definitely is.

      • NotGert

        The real terrorists are the terrorist organizations who spent their entire existence trying to blow innocent people up in bars, restaurants, malls, etc.

      • shakitimaan


        So what’s the moral of your story then? If you don’t like the people who buy the house next to you then it’s OK to “resist” their moving in by killing them?

        In 1929 the Arabs of Hebron massacred their Jewish neighbors. (Who were indigenous Jews, incidentally.) In 1936 the Arabs of Palestine began a violent uprising to protest the fact that Jewish people were immigrating there and buying land. In 1939 they rejected any partition plan to share Palestine, and did so again in 1947, this time starting a civil war in lieu of negotiating peacefully. This list goes on…

        You say that resistance is not terrorism. Resistance to what, though? Resistance to allowing non-Arabs to immigrate, purchase property and peacefully co-exist? Resistance to allowing your non-Arab neighbors to continue breathing? Resistance to equal rights regardless of your ethnicity or religion… demanding that Jews be prohibited from immigrating or purchasing land, under threat of bloodshed.

        Why is it that Jewish refugees from Egypt are considered “foreign colonizers” while Arafat, (an Egyptian Arab) was considered a dispossessed Palestinian with a right to “resist” Israel via any available means?

    • samantka

      TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Your religious reasoning is well sorry but STUPID

      • Marie

        Religious reasoning is ALWAYS stupid. Basing your reasoning on long dead people whose agenda you don’t even know is stupid.

        Anyway, the Jews turned the other cheek for centuries. Millions of them ended in nazi death camps and mass graves. I’m not a Jew myself, but I assume they know everything about turning the other cheek and it’s over.

        Now for these pictures. OK, they are stupid and insensitive, but there is much worse. There are countless videos on the Net showing defenseless people being stoned, or having their heads cut off with carving knives by raving nuts posing with their trophies. Now this is gross, and immoral, and appalling.

        If your reasoning isn’t distorted by hatred, you must realize that treating these pictures as a “war crime” as some do here is totally over the top.

    • J.

      Are you sure they are terrorists? Why? The only terrorist I can see is Eden Abergil, no one else.

      • NotGert

        She took silly pictures while making funny faces, and is therefore a “terrorist?”

        Only because she’s Jewish would you say this.

        If she wasn’t, you’d just call her stupid and move on.

    • peggyforpeace

      perhaps I missed something, but I read nothing which provided evidence that the two Palestinians were terrorists, only that they were being held by the IDF. Or do you believe as so many Israelis do that all Palestinians are somehow terrorists? Obvious to me and many others that the IDF behaves in a more inhuman and inhumane manner than do the vast majority of Palestinians.

      • dafi

        The IDF doesn’t take pleasure in detaining palestinians just “for fun”. Believe me, they are not as innocent as you would like to think.
        And saying that “the IDF behaves in a more inhuman and inhumane manner than do the vast majority of Palestinians” that’s just a lie.
        Believe me, you do not want to know how it feels like for an israeli to be captured by a palestinian.
        There is an israeli soldier named Gilad Shalit who is being held captured in gaza by the palestinians for the last 4 years! can you imagine that? 4 years without the possibility of recieving letters from his family! without seeing the light of day! and as you can imagine, he is probably being tortured in the most horrifying ways.
        A few years ago, some israeli people took a wrong turn on their way and accidentally entered a palestinian village. As soon as the palestinian citizens realized that they are israelis, they performed a horrifying lynch in them, something you could all see in the worldwide media.
        In 1929, long before the jewish state was established, and even longer before the term “occupation” was used here, arab bandicts attacked the jewish people in the city of hebron and performed something that can only be named a vicious murder-fest.
        But of course, to you it does not matter since obviously, jewish blood is worth less then palestinian blood.
        This is our country and it is our right to defend it! i don’t know where you live but i can tell you that all countries treat those who are threatening its existance in an even stricter manner then israel. But what other countries do everyday, Israel is not even allowed to dream of doing.
        You are invited to come and visit israel and see for your self that not all israelis are cold-blooded murdurers and not all of us hate arabs. also, you are welcome to visit gaza and see for yourself how the hamas is oppressing its own people there. if you are not a jew then you might even get out of there alive…

        • Aamir

          what about thousands of prisoners “kidnapped illegally” by terrorist state of Israel.
          If you really want to live with peace and dignity, then stop stealing lands of others and go back to places from where you came. your religious extremist feeling of God gifted land is none of my concern in this modern world. Go back to germany, poland, russia, or from where the hell you came from. It will certainly be good for world.

          • RozitaTee

            They came from Israel, idiot. The Jews ended up in Germany, Poland, Russia, etc. because of Arabs and Persians stealing THEIR land.

            If Muslims lay down their arms, there will be no more war. If Israelis lay down their arms, there will be no more Israel.

          • shakitimaan

            Aha, so we get to the real issue. It’s not that you think that Israel acts more inhumanely than the Palestinians. It’s that you reject Israel’s very right to exist. Clearly it doesn’t matter what Israel does or doesn’t do at this point… as far as people like you are concerned Israel will always be in the wrong because it lacks the moral authority to even be there in the first place.

            Since you think the basis for Zionism is rooted in religion (God gifted land?) it’s clear you don’t know much at all about the subject. Such as that over half of all Israelis are of middle eastern descent. (Where exactly do you think they should go back to?)

            The fact that Israel has arrested thousands of people (which is not illegal by the way), is in no way comparable to the examples dafi gave. For example, how many of those arrested Palestinians were tortured, hung, dismembered and then burned, like the two Israelis he mentioned? Exactly none. In what world is arresting someone more inhumane than dismembering them?

            Just another example of how some people’s irrational hatred of Israel leads them to search for any excuse to decry it, regardless of its validity.

        • Koshiro

          “Believe me, they are not as innocent as you would like to think.”

          Listen, buddy, in civilized countries, which Israel claims to be, people are innocent until proven guilty by a proper court. I doubt very much that the Palestinians in the photos had already been sentenced by such a court. In fact, considering Israel’s track record, it’s doubtful whether all of them were ever even tried.

          “And saying that “the IDF behaves in a more inhuman and inhumane manner than do the vast majority of Palestinians” that’s just a lie.”
          So you’re saying that the vast majority of Palestinians, which would be a few million people, have killed or injured, humiliated or abused, harrassed or kidnapped Israelis?
          Are you insane?

      • Shay

        And even if they are the most dangerous terrorist on the face of the earth, with coals for hearts and desire to drink the blood of innocent babies, humiliating prisoners is a war crime.

    • Cheerios

      So this is just a side comment, but an important one nonetheless.

      “those who have mercy for the cruel, will eventually be cruel to those who are merciful”, has been quoted from the bible. This is wrong, you will find this nowhere in the bible. This quote comes from a Tanaitic (Midrash Tankhuma, from the early rabbinic period, around 100-200 CE) source, said by Rabbi Elazar, about the refrain of king Saul from killing Agag the king of the Amalecites.

      This brings me to say to farther points:

      1. All though unintentional, this was a serious misquote. While the bible is central to both Christians and Jews, the midrash of the sages is not. People in general have to be more careful about their quotes, but us as Jews should be extra careful about the bible and other books. The suggestion I give is to add the words “I think” as in “I think it’s said somewhere in the bible”.

      2. More specifically this is a quote about an issue which as an Israeli Jew I’m not sure should be put in this mix. It is vary dangerous to make the Palestinians into Amalecites.

      Last point –
      I think it’s fair to say that this soldier was not required to show compassion, only simple dignity. Even if you think that all the Israeli actions are proper, it doesn’t mean that one should portray Palestinians as play things on your Facebook photos.

  15. This is the IDF pig’s profile:

    feel free to message her.

    • C

      sorry, but humiliating a prisoner is disgusting but harrassing is alright? She is being investigated by the army, her name is all over the web and newspapers. She has been shamed. Harrassment doesn’t seem necessary and seems cruel. She did a bad thing. If the Palestinians had been caught for murder or theft, would it be alright to humiliate them. Obviously not.

    • palestinian

      المظلوم هو من سوف ينتصر يا اسرائيل “ان الله عادل لا يحب الظلم”

      The oppressed is who will win, O Israel, “God just does not like injustice,”

      המדוכאים הוא מי ינצח, שמע ישראל, “אלוהים פשוט לא אוהב צדק”


      Los oprimidos es quién va a ganar, oh Israel, “Dios justo no le gusta la injusticia”

  16. adi

    while this is without doubt a vile pig like someone said here.
    but don’t make her the face of the IDF, that’s populistic and sipmly not ture.

  17. Yea

    Director of the Public Committee Against Torture Yishai Menuhin said :

    ” The soldier’s behavior is a product of popular IDF culture which does not consider the Palestinians as human beings with their own rights. It appears the soldier who uploaded the pictures enjoyed humiliating the detainees and disregarded their right not to have their pictures published online in humiliating circumstances, without their knowledge.”

  18. musulman

    I am a Muslim and I am very fever that and I always thank my dio quond I am not a Jew (animaaux) like you I know you know that we will live in esslames another life in you and in Paradize Hill inchaalah

  19. Jerusalem, student Huji

    How ironic, she got “Mahmoud Darwish” as a recommendation and 34 of her friends are fans of him.

  20. Craig

    Why do the actions of history seem so cylindrical. You would think the Jewish people of Israel would remember what happened to their recent ancestors as a lesson.

    • NotGert

      Uh, Craig, it’s ONE GIRL who posted some silly photos.

      Don’t be swayed by all these Jew-hating and Israel-hating lunatics who take every minor incident like this and scream about it and demonize the entire IDF and the entire country every 5 minutes. They have no life and are crazy.

  21. yos

    I’m an Israely that served in the Israely Army. I am ashamed and disgussed from these pictures and from the text below. Such people make me sick.

    I believe that there will be a public inquiery and that she will be court marshaled (don’t woorey, they won’t shoot her, we are still a democracy, the only one in the middle east).

    • Ben

      Israel is not a democracy. Israel has no constitution; despite the fact that Israel is defined as the state of the Jewish people, providing special rights and privileges to anyone in the world who is Jewish and seeks to live there, over and above longtime Arab residents. This, despite the fact that Israel bars any candidate from holding office who thinks the country should be a secular, democratic state with equal rights for all. This, despite the fact that non-Jews are restricted in terms of how much land they can own, and in which places they can own land at all, thanks to laws granting preferential treatment to Jewish residents. This, despite that fact that even the Israeli Supreme Court has acknowledged the use of torture against suspected “terrorists” and other “enemies” of the Jewish state.

      For some, it is apparently sufficient that Israel has an electoral system, and that Arabs have the right to vote in those elections (though just how equally this right is protected is of course a different matter). The fact that one can’t vote for a candidate who questions the special Jewish nature of the state, because such candidates can’t run for or hold office, strikes most as irrelevant — hardly enough for them to call into question Israel’s democratic credentials.

      If what we see in Israel is indeed democracy, then what does fascism look like?

      • shakitimaan

        Ummm, of course it’s a democracy. Your understanding of the word seems to be lacking.

        A constitution is not necessary for democracy. For example, England doesn’t have a constitution either… is it not a democracy?

        Next, Israel IS a secular, democratic state with equal rights for all. It certainly doesn’t bar candidates who think so. Non-Jewish residents have equal rights under the law. The supreme court has consistently upheld denying anyone property based on their ethnicity is illegal. Besides that, it is generally not legal for ANYONE in Israel to purchase and own land, Arab or Jew.

        The fact that Israel defines itself as the Jewish state doesn’t contradict democracy at all. Most states are in fact based around a shared ethnicity or cultural heritage… recognizing this as normal and even preferential has been an accepted point of international law and relations for centuries.

        Lastly, Israel reminds you of fascism, huh? That’s funny. I’d be willing to bet that you know even less about fascism than you do about either Israel OR democracy.

        • Ben

          Webster’s New World Dictionary defines democracy as, among other things, “the principle of equality of rights, opportunity and treatment, or the practice of this principle”. Keep this in mind, as we’ll be coming back to it shortly.

          Like former prime minister Menachem Begin, who told the Knesset in 1982 that the Palestinians were “beasts walking on two legs”. Or former PM Ehud Barak, who offered a more precise form of dehumanisation when he referred to the Palestinians as “crocodiles”.

          Speaking of Barak, in his April 14 op-ed in the New York Times, he insisted that democracy in Israel could be “maintained”, so long as the Jewish state was willing to set up security fences to separate itself from the Palestinians, and keep the Palestinians in their place. Calling the process “unilateral disengagement”, Barak opined that limiting access by Arabs to Israel is the key to maintaining a Jewish majority, and thus the Jewish nature of the state. That the Jewish nature of the state is inimical to democracy as defined by every dictionary in the world matters not, one supposes.

          Interestingly, amidst the subterfuge, other elements of Barak’s essay struck me as surprisingly honest — much more honest, in fact, than anything he had said while he was prime minister, during which time he supposedly made that “generous offer” to Yasser Arafat about which we keep hearing. You know, the one that would have allowed the maintenance of most Jewish settlements in the territories, and would have restricted the Palestinian state to the worst land, devoid of its own water supply, and cut off at numerous choke points by Israeli security. Yeah, that one. The one that has been described variously (without any acknowledgement of the inconsistency) as having offered the Palestinians either 93%, or is it 95% or maybe 96% or perhaps 98% of the West Bank and Gaza.

          Or to those who have never consulted a dictionary — which defines generous as, “willing to give or share; unselfish; large; ample; rich in yield; fertile”. In a world such as this, where words have lost all meaning, we might as well just burn all the dictionaries.

  22. m. torres

    You have to wonder what kind of parents she had, to be so cruel, so depraved. Remember that the IDF’s motto is “The Most Moral Army in the World”, which to them is not a joke though it certainly is to the rest of the world. A very un-funny joke.

    Puts me in mind of the visit we had last month with the Settler family who could speak only in terms of hatred, superiority and entitlement. Beyond disgusting.

  23. fj,nyhgvu

    connase cassetoi connase pute

  24. Jihad Lover

    The only good Israeli is a dead one!

    • dafi

      This is exactly why the jewish people need to have their own country! and we need to keep on defending our right of freedom and protection.
      It is unbelieveble…how the world still hate jews…nothing has changed. Antisemites never die, they are just replaced by new ones every now and then.
      All of you so-called human people who believe in human rights, your just a bunch of antisemites in disguise who are using every opportunity to besmear Israel’s name.
      Does anyone here care that in pakistan millions lost their home and don’t have anythong to eat or to wear? of course not, because unfortunatly for you, Israel cannot be blame for this.

      • Another Brained wash

        Another Israeli brained washed using the old Antisemitic defense. Still after seeing these pictures she thinks she’s the victim…

    • I.

      And you are far worse than that soldier, who is mainly stupid and ignorant. You, on the other hand, are an animal.

      • Koshiro

        Or a troll.

        • Jah Bless

          its really amazing seeing people writing their feedbacks about these things and forgetting what its all about, one wants to erase the jews, the other one says its okay to treat the palestinians like this. damn , cant you all grow up, sick and tired of this shit. i have seen much in my life, but not people as stupid as you guys. this is a message to all of you haters, start thinking before saying such things. it is really sad and not fair what has been done to the palestinian people in the last 60 years, but reacting in an extreme way is not the answer. Education my friends, is what we all need, we should start listening to each other instead of shouting or cursing the whole time. im proud of beeing palestinian and i want my people to rise, i have some jew friends who have the same point of view that i have. so peace above us all. we are relatives in the end, even if distant ones too.

          • H.B

            I Totally agree with you…what your saying is beautiful but sadly not applicable…you need to shout, curse, Discuss and then after all that no matter how long that may take maybe just maybe reach common ground !! its takes more work to create a peaceful state of mind and a peaceful situation than create a Hostile one !! trust me

      • H.B

        I’m sad to say that i agree with what I just said!
        You just have a very narrow look at this…you like the idea of being victimized and you refuse to see beyond the tip of your nose…
        Not everyone who sees the action of that ignorant solider shameful and lacking of Humanity is —-antisemitism in disguise who are using every opportunity to besmear Israel’s name— as you said…
        start taking responsibly of your cruelty and inhumanity actions before talking like a mad person and making a fool of your self and your country for that matter.

        • Jah Bless

          all i am saying is, we JUST need to stop hating each other and most important stop Fighting, even if it sounds easier as it would be in “Reality” , but what is real these days… its like in a bazar , everybody wants to sell his own part of the story, and the ones who succeed in my opinion are the Medias in one way or another, probably because people just believe what they see or hear. i dont want to get into politics cause its a messy Business, but the way politicians are dealing with the Situation is not acceptable. killing in the name of peace, has only bad Consequences, you just need to look back to a short term of history and youll recognize what i mean. but actions like these or just killing kids / women / volunteers from help Organisations in the name of national security does NOT make any sense. on the other hand its not right raising your kids to hate…

    • Darwish

      You disgust me with your comments JIHAD LOVER. I am a Muslim Palestinian and believe you are spreading these comments to bring hate towards our people. JIHAD’s message is the opposite of your comments. There are thousands of Israeli’s that march for our cause and against their governments actions. The photos of Eden Abergil are still moderately offensive compared to your comment.

  25. Aamir

    what can be expected from land thieves who build their homes on bulldozed olive farms?
    They are curse in this planet, carrying legacy of Hitler on this earth. Afterall they are the one who know Hitler very well.

    • NotGert

      Aamir is totally insane, folks.

    • shakitimaan

      Right… because destroying an olive grove is totally just like the Holocaust!

      And people wonder why Israelis don’t take outside criticism very seriously.

      Haha, I would love to know what country you are from Aamir.

  26. You filthy Child Killers!

    לא מפתיע הדבר, אחרי הכל הנאצי הישראלי של שגרה לירות המלח ילדים ישנים 2-3 שנה ואש דוד סאמס ( M825A1 פגזי הזרחן הלבן כי שרף חי עשרות מבוגרים תינוקות, ילדים חוסים במיטה “עופרת יצוקה”, אני מקווה כמה ערבי דוחף כידון את אותה Arses ממשלות ישראל, זה אם הם לא האנג עבור לפשעי המלחמה הראשונה.

  27. inconnue

    ces stupide de faire des chose pareil Israël est en proie de beaucoup de pays qui ne veulent que sa destruction montrez que vous êtes a la foie humble est respectueux même envers vos ennemie montrez que vous avez des valeurs est beaucoup de personne continuerons a suivre et a protéger Israël je suis français fier de l’être et j’aime mon pays je défend beaucoup de valeur israélite mais ceci nés pas tolerable

  28. Another Michael

    I think she is a immature woman that didn’t think about the impact of her photos, I think we should forget the matter no all the IDF are like that, this could happen at any army a bad action of one member should not involve the whole institution.

    Also she is beautiful so I think she could post in public a few pics of her naked and we had this case closed ;)

  29. Another Michael

    Jajajaja I just can’t believe how many hate are in this blogs lots of people against Israel all of them looking for any excuse to justify their hate for Jews.
    Well I am Jew and the only thing I have to say is that you are wasting your time, trough millenniums we have been attacked and pursuit by many nations and we still here, the problem is that all this nations do not realize that they are not fighting us they are fighting the living G´d, of course we can suffer but is not for your power but our own sins.
    At the end all the nations will know the true and only G´d and they know who his people are.

    • H.B

      if any you should have a more compassion heart towards Palestinians because at one point or another Jews were persecuted and killed so if any that should make you more compassion with other human beings regard less of Religion.

      I don’t think the issue is with Being a Jew!! its with being an ignorant Israeli how thinks Palestinians are less than humans..

      Just Imagine you were in the place of that Blind folded man!! how would feel knowing someone was having fun on your well being expense..

      Try to walk in Palestinian’s shows for less an a mile and you will not be able to walk no more!!

      They Go Through hell trust me..

    • Koshiro

      Whatever. I have a certain opinion of people who think that they are part of a mystical community with people who lived 2000 years ago and who believe some spiritual daddy in the sky is their leader.

      • Another Michael

        Koshiro you will know when the time come, also what are you? Jap? No way your beliefs are even more senseless and ridicules than any bible story.

        • Koshiro

          I’m an atheist. I’m not particularly outspoken about it and I have no problem with followers of any religion, be they Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or whatever, as long as they are decent people.

          I do have a problem with people who transform religion into a tribal “us versus them” affair and who treat their religion as some kind of all-important law to be followed blindly. And this category apparently includes you.

        • RR

          Dear Michael,
          why do you assume your god should automatically be ours too ?
          Do you realize what your sentence implies ?

          • Another Brained wash

            I think you are right, but why is he/she unfair and decided to give only the Jew people the promise land, what about the Palestinians?

          • Another Michael

            There is Just ONE G´d and is the same for all the humanity cause he created us, if you believe it or not that’s not important.

    • NotGert

      Another Michael,

      There are thousands of rabid Jew-haters and Israel-haters who flood blogs and newspapers with crazed Israel-bashing garbage every time any minor thing happens.

      It’s amazing. One stupid girl took stupid pictures, and it’s a worldwide story. Only because she’s a Jewish Israeli.

      She isn’t screaming “jihad” while cutting their heads off. She’s just posting. She’s stupid, but that’s the end of it.

  30. Powerful photographs that retell quite an experience.

  31. mioumiou

    What a ugly bitch !!!!

    • Another Michael

      Are u kidding man? She is beautiful I think you are jus another Muslim angry cause we had most beautiful women.

      I feel sorry for u.

  32. The photos remind me of the Abu Ghraib photos where US officers posed with the detainees they were humiliating on a daily basis. And we all know that the IDF routinely tortures Palestinian prisoners as well.
    I wonder if any legal action will be taken about the soldier in the photos. As I recall, in the Abu Ghraib trials, a Corporal Charles Graner received the longest sentence, ten years. Lynndie England, the blond woman, was sentenced to three years.
    I hope Abergil will suffer from the same fate.

    But oh, no wait, this is Israel, the world’s most moral army (TM)… Its soldiers are above the law.


    • Another Michael

      Is not above the law man, Is jus that they are Palestinians this mean potential unscrupulous killers, so who cares?

      Or you claim so vehement when a civil Israeli Jew dies by the attack´s of these sicko´s?

      I don’t think so.

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  34. Another Michael

    Eden you look so beautiful, who cares about the Palestinians killers, when we can see such a beauty girl thought and brave.

    Send u a kiss girl.

  35. Boumi

    ANOTHER MICHAEL – you are disgusting, and your comments are of those which provoque antijudaism and anti-israelian feelings.
    The people of god ? Your land ? You are just to blind to see that Israel is the last european colonisation on earth. Millions of jews were fucked by the Germans, and what do they do ? They take their revenge on the Arabs…you can say what you want, but the Arabs at least have the balls to attack those who attacked them and do not attack an innocent and defendless people…

    • Another Michael

      Boumi take easy man, Israel is not attacking defend less people like you said, put it in another perspective: more than five countries some of them of Arab ancestry that always have been against a little state of Jews, that’s what you call balls?

      Please these are terrorist, killers, people without any kind of feelings a regrets why we should be good to them? You take a good point about the Germans that happen because we didn’t react, not anymore those who want to exterminate Jews will be exterminated first, again nice pics Eden.

      • Boumi

        Another Michael (what a strange pseudo, by the way) – just go back behind the borders of 67, and leave the Golan, and you will see a miracle: nobody will attack a single Israelian any more!!! The fact is, nobody cares about Israel and the Israelians if they were not occupying an internationally recognized foreign country. Just stop the occupation and you will see Israel disappearing from the news…which is the best thing that can happen. And concerning the balls: it is not the number of people or countries that decide a war but the power of arms – and to the opposite of the arab countries, Israel got the arms from the USA and the nuclear bomb from France, and still gets money from Germany…I have more respect for countries that developed their capacities by their own, like India or Pakistan.
        Terrorists? Killers? Strange, but the Nazis used the same terms for the people who were fighting for the liberation of their country, like the French resistance…the longer the occupation, the more Israelians talk and behave like Nazis. The behaviour of the slut you find pretty is the real face of modern Israel, you can like it or leave that country, but do not try to make us see anything else: you can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

        • shakitimaan

          Interesting… so how is it that you have this inside knowledge that no one will attack Israel anymore if only Israel would return to the pre-67 borders? Because I have to say, that seems extremely unlikely.

          I do remember that people said the exact same thing about Israel’s occupation of Lebanon. Just leave and there will no longer be any fighting with Hezbollah. So Israel left, the UN confirmed that the occupation was over, and what happened??? Right.

          Hey, I have a question. If the whole conflict is only about the occupied territories, then how come everyone was attacking Israel constantly BEFORE 1967, when Israel wasn’t occupying anything?

          A few more things, just for your own edification:

          The word is “Israeli” not “Israelian.”

          Palestine is not, in fact, an internationally recognized nation.

          Pakistan got their nuclear material from Canada and received tons of US aid during the cold war. India received tons of aid and weapons from the USSR.

          During the war of Independence, Suez, the war of Attrition and the Six Day War, Israel was not receiving any arms from the USA. In fact, during the war in 47-48 they faced armies that were trained and equipped by the Allies, while enduring a moratorium on any further weapons sales to the area from the major powers.

          One more question… I don’t remember the French Resistance specifically targeting pizza parlors or children but perhaps I’m mistaken. How do you feel that Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians advances their cause of a liberated Palestine? Do you think their stated goal of dismantling and ethnically cleansing Israel is something that Israel should consider in the interests of peace?

  36. Boumi

    – by the way, you have a very bad taste concerning women…

    • Another Michael

      She is not the most beautiful woman in the world but I prefer to focus on her rather than those Palestinians terrorist : )

      • Boumi

        They are terrorists ? Are you sure ? Do you know them ? Did you see what these people on the picture did ? Or are they terrorists because they are Palestinians ? Can it be that a “holy” Jew like you is in fact a simple-minded racist ?

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  38. Morocco Kingdom

    you do not worry the wheel turns, tapes of Jews. Wait the day of glory and victory of the Moslems and say you that you could never are unaware of or remove who is written in Coran

    • Another Michael

      Look I respect all religions but you have to admit that many Muslims have become insane fanatics, thinking about killing or exploding everywhere.

      Again if G´d is with us who is against us?, Don’t lose your time and opportunity to be good people attacking Israel when G´d send Messiah you will have to answer directly to him, because anyone who attack the people of G´d will have to face consequences.

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  40. Boaz

    I think the photos that Eden Abergil posted on her Facebook profile are obviously inappropriate and ill judged. The main difference perhaps is that these events are spoken about and often denounced in the Israeli media, not ignored or even worse still aggrandised.

    This girl is obviously young and foolish; both to initially pose in and then post these photos online. However, considering the incendiary material posted by some Islamist groups (as well as the infamous images of US soldiers in Abu Ghraib) these photos are relatively “tame”.

    I would absolutely love to see images of Gilad Shalit (missing since 2006) alive at this point. Even if he is blindfolded, even if he is unaware and even if an ignorant soldier is standing smiling in front of him. This is the fundamental difference between the 2 sides.

    Ultimately, the only way this terrible conflict will ever be resolved is if both sides recognise each other and crucially each other’s right to exist. I’m not optimistic…

    • Amy

      is this the famous Exonian Boaz? In any case, I agree with your penultimate sentence. I hope to see some resolution in my lifetime..

  41. Another Michael

    I agree with you Boaz except one thing:

    You State:
    Ultimately, the only way this terrible conflict will ever be resolved is if both sides recognize each other and crucially each other’s right to exist.

    This conflict will be resolved when the Almighty send his Messiah a redeem our people, by the way we have to still fighting this madmen there is no way to rationalize with them they hate us and only understand about exploding bombs a terrorize so be it.

    • Boumi

      You are not only a simple-minded racist, Another Michael, but also a fanatic jewish fundamentalist. Neither Israel nor Palestine needs people like you…

      Boaz, I agree with you except one point: Gilad was a soldier in an occupied zone, he knew what he was risking – please, do not glorify him, he was participating activly in occupation and the resulting apartheid against a people that just wants its land back…

      • Boaz

        Whilst Gilad Shalit may have been a soldier “in an occupied land” (and at 19 do you really know what you are risking?) his captors have not behaved humanely. To conceal a prisoner (or his fate) from his family for so long is disgraceful, regardless of which side you support.

        Furthermore, saying they “just” want their land back is slightly simplistic. This goes back to my previous statement: “he only way this terrible conflict will ever be resolved is if both sides recognise each other and crucially each other’s right to exist.”

        I’m not sure all Palestinians recognise Israel’s right to exist and, historical and geographical technicalities aside, at this stage there are over 6 million Israelis there. They wont be washed away (similar to the fact the Palestinian people won’t disappear), hence there is a clear necessity to learn to coexist.

        This board is littered with narrow minded views from both sides of the conflict which doesn’t do anyone any good.

        • Boumi

          The sort of Gilad Shalit is very human, because normally a soldier of the ennemy is to be killed. They did not kill him yet, i.e. his family will probably see him again one day in the future – this is more human than what IDF soldiers do with soldiers of Palestine or Lebanon, they simply kill them.
          And do not blame the Palestinians or the Arabs for the actual situation, for you know exactly that the plan for peace is since a long time on the table of Israel: all the Arabs want to recognize Israel and have normal relations with that country against the withdrawal of the Israelis behind the borders of 1967. That you know, the Israelis know, and nevertheless, you keep saying that the Palestinians or the Arabs do not want peace !!! This is pure hypocrisie.

          • Ben

            Well, when Zionists were faced with Arab nations ready to recognize borders and peace, they had to shift the goalpost. Now they insist that they all “Recognize Israel’s right to exist”. But that isn’t a thing. No country anywhere in the world recognizes officially any other country’s “right to exist” It’s not a legal definition, a treaty, and most of all, it’s not needed to recognize someone’s right to exist, in order to not invade their border or kill their soldiers. I bet N and S Korea might be questionable on the other’s right to exist, but they can still function as border nations. At this point Israel is 100% responsible for the lack of peace talks and border discussions. They insist on an impossible thing, because they do not want peace, they want all the arable land, all the water, and they want all the Arab population to whither up and die, or at least go out in the worthless desert area.

  42. nona

    this is isreal ,new nazis ,Murderers & killers

  43. Maijahee

    EA’s photos show how laughable it is that the Israeli military thinks itself the most moral military in the world. I have to agree with the UN that Zionism is a form of racism. Sure, Israel has the right to exist, but they don’t have the right to claim all the water (even in the West Bank and Gaza) or the land. The Israeli national myth of superiority is what gave rise to EA’s actions; she should absolutely be seen as typical, because she perfectly embraces the Israeli national attitude towards Arabs.

    • Alex

      Arabs embrace the same kind of attitude toward other muslims, especially black muslims considered as “not pure muslims” because not arabs…look at what they do to other muslims and human beings in Sudan, LOOK!!! Man, the worst genocide is happening now overthere and nobody cares!!!!!!!!

      they do the same toward their shiite brothers in Iraq but next to that they support the extermist shiite hezbollah members and nasrallah. It is just full of non-sense everywhere! it’s like nobody wants peace in the middle east or anywhere in the muslim countries

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    • Alex

      Best years of her life goes for the whole album! not those three pictures especially…
      Most of the pictures are just friends having fun toghether.

      So the way this is presented is just misleading and wrong information. Shame on the medias.

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  47. Pingback: Eden Abergil, the product of a blindfolded society

  48. Amy

    anyone ever think that one person does not a nation make? one person does not represent of an entire country. yes, the president may, but that is with the consent of the citizens.

    • NotGert

      In the regular world, correct.

      But antisemites blame “Israel” or “The Jews” for every single thing that ANY Jew or Israeli does. LIke in this.

  49. Divad

    Don’t know why people are surprised by this behavior. The Israeli’s have shown their ‘bravery’ many times over on the battlefield such as at Al-Dawayima where the ‘heavily’ armed Palestinian women and children were mowed down at will. Everything comes full circle eventually and Israel will get what it deserves.

    • shakitimaan

      So that’s your big example to back up a blanket statement of what Israelis are like?

      80-100 people killed (admittedly massacred) over 60 years ago, during a war that the Palestinians themselves started by rejecting a peace plan, negotiations and massacring Jewish civilians?

      Ummm… when the Palestinians captured two Israelis who were lost during the second intifada a mob tore them apart, hung them, dismembered them and lit them on fire. Do you find that particularly brave?

      This girl merely sat down quietly next to a blindfolded prisoner and had her photo taken. It’s not like she dismembered anyone. Or hung them. Lit them on fire. You get the drift.

  50. Maxim Reider

    To all the righteous ones (non-Israelis).

    The girl is silly. She does not see the Pals as human beings. Nothing new about it. Full stop. All the fuss is sucked from a finger.

    I can understand the fury of the Israelis – we want our country to be a better place. But I can hardly believe in sincerity of most of you, our sweet critics. I just want to ask you one simple question. Do you donate money for the needy Gazan children or do you believe, that by spitting your ignorant hatred on the Internet you’ve done enough for the Palestinian cause? I even don’t ask if you take on the streets when just another fanatic blows himself at Baghdad market place, killing tens of his innocent brethren.

    • Koshiro

      What exactly would you want to accomplish by “taking on the streets” when a suicide bomber blows himself up?

      • Maxim Reider

        And what most of the authors of these comments are trying to accomplish while writing bullshit here? I’m trying to say that this is all (mostly) blah-blah of frustrated people, which has nothing to do with Israel, Palestine, whatever. People with problems need to hate somebody, to identify with something, they do not have their own lives.

        • Alex

          i agree with you !

          Why don’t you people go in the street or spend so much time insulting and blaming the bombers in irack, the murders in Nigera, in Somalia, in DARFOUR!!!!, in Thailand, in India, in Philippina, the killing of all the minorities in Indonesia…??? WHY ???
          Why don’t the muslims start by putting some order in their own countries instead of bringing back everyting to Palestine?
          And when i see latin american people here, damn! what about the Farcs and governemental troups kill and torture people in columbia? what about the killing of the indigenous in Peru and in Boliva? what about the cuban people who just want to get out of the prison-island?????

          you are just all full of crap and hate and don’t want to see what’s happening everywhere else. It’s so much better to discharge all your frustration on Israel.

  51. Medo

    This is nothing comparing what is happing here in Gaza and how IDF deals with the civilians.

    I know that not all Israelis like that and there are many good and imoral Israelis

  52. dafi

    There is no “Palestine”, There are no “Palestinians” and there is no “Occupation”
    Damn it, check the facts before you distort history!!!
    Besides, arab countries started all of the wars against us, and sometimes we won and took over their lands, and sometimes they took over ours. They can’t blame us for winning the wars THEY started!!!
    The fact is, that there is just a tiny state called Israel, and the jewish people have to settle for this tiny space. and yet, 22 ENORMOUS arab countries! If someone is not pleased with Isreal’s actions, then they are welcome to leave. we don’t keep anyone here by force, This is not Nazi Germany and Gaza is no ghetto. All of the arabs are welcome to pack their things and get the hell out of here. No? you want to stay? ok, then show that you care for this country, support Israel and be with us. If you are against us then you have nothing to do here.
    And if you say that it’s inhuman to tell them to leave, please remember that when the jews had no other option, they got up from wherever they were and moved to the other side of the world, if necessary, and if they can, so can the arabs.
    I know that if there was another jewish country in the world, i would gladly go there, if i knew that my situation was better there. but there isn’t, so since i have no other place to go to, i am staying here.
    It’s amazing how history keeps repeating itself. 70 years ago you hated us because we were smarter and more successfull then you, and you claimed we are stealing your jobs and your money, and now your excuse for the hatred is that we are evil colonialists who occupy the poor palestinians.
    Ever wonder why jordan and egypt and any other arab country never helps the palestinians or embrace them to their land? it’s because they hate them! they can’t stand them, nobody wants to deal with the palestinian problem so they dump it on us. go and ask for help from your brothers in the arab countries and leave us alone!!!

    • H.B

      Really what a great argument you are making —so now if I find you another place to live in you will leave your so called country Of ISREAL!! So it’s actually not about Jerusalem or Palestine its about you running away from European persecution to come to Palestine and give Palestinians a taste of what you have went through along the years.—Next stop I will advice Germany as an act of revenge since you like persecution so much— if any you should have a more compassion heart towards Palestinians since your ancestors were savagely persecuted . —just like Palestinians .
      And what I don’t understand if there is no Palestine and no Palestinians who the hell lives in the west bank!!! Are those people who came after you OCCUPIED our land!! They were people who lived here hundreds of years ago who were Jews before they were introduced to Islam and Christianity.
      And you having more money and more world support from ppl who have their eyes on the middle east for pure Money and Oil Reasons doesn’t make you smarter than anyone in fact you bringing it up like this shows how stupid and naïve you really are!! My advice would be to go back to history and look Palestine and the history of Palestine up before you start repeating what you were told before really going through the facts and the crimes your government commuted against people here in PALESTINE.
      We will never leave our land just simply cause someone else came with more money and more power than us—- Your Country started with a dream of freedom and will end with the dream of ours—

      • dafi

        Again, if you suffer so much, you are welcome to leave. It’s as simple as that.
        You don’t see my grandmother going to the polish government and claiming her home back! Her home, which was occupied when her family was deported to death camps. Why? because she has made peace with the fact that she does’nt have rights there and she does’nt want rights there, because israel is her home now.
        And yes, there are no palestinians. “palestine” is an israeli invention, something our leaders thought of. 40 years ago, you didn’t even dream of a country of your own. Jewish people have dreamed of their own country for 2000 years, That’s the difference.

        • H.B

          your just contradicting your self if we don’t exist and Israel invented us!!! so why do we have to make peace with accepting that our land was occupied by you!!! just like You grandmother… and like you said she didn’t leave by choice from her first home she was deported more of a reason why you as people who were deported shouldn’t force other people out of their land…

          and the so cold country you have been dreaming of was all built on death and brutality…ours will be built on freedom that’s a better difference…you cant major a dream by its length a dream is a dream…

          don’t be so narrow headed and just blindly directed into what all they want you to see PALESTINIANS exist Deal with that fact!!

          and the fact that you don’t want them here doesn’t make them invisible it makes you look like a fool trying to deny their existence…

          having a louder voice doesn’t mean Ur more right it just means your lacking good manners of speech…i hope u understand the mete fore since you refuse to have an open mind towards reality

          • Alex

            Dafi makes a point, why don’t Egypt or Jordania help the gaza people or the cisjordania people??? huh? they are all there to throw their hate at israel but the keep the border closed between egypt and gaza. How cool is that?

            On an historical point of view, both palestinians and jews have the right to be there… EVEN the christians could say this is their home as in their believes their the rightous descendent of jewish people.

            The point is that muslim people are not able to live with anybody in peace. Look at the whole world! every country that has a border with muslim country or every country that has muslim minorities are having big issues with them! even in europe they make problems..
            And when muslim become majority they just kill the minorities (Iran, Irack, Syria, Egypte, Indonesia, Nigeria, Somalia, Soudan…)

            So !!!!????

          • Koshiro

            “Say i’ll go to USA and start yelling “ho, this is my land, get out of here blah blah blah” what do you think the americans will do to me?”

            Seeing as you did exactly the same thing in Palestine, one can only wish that Palestinians had the same power as Americans, namely to throw scum such as you out of their country.

            And by “you”, I mean specifically “you”. Not all Israelis.

          • dafi

            And yet, if you suffer so much-leave.
            If you want to stay, Prove that you are loyal to Israel. If you are against Israel and still want to stay, Than you are asking for war. And if war is what you want, then war is what you get.
            I know it sounds cold and mean but think about it this way. Say i’ll go to USA and start yelling “ho, this is my land, get out of here blah blah blah” what do you think the americans will do to me? they will eather put me on the first plain back, or they’ll put me in prison.
            But only here we take what you people ramble about seriously.
            Now i know what you think, that this comarison is ridiculous, because I as an Israeli could never approach with such crazy demands to the United states, since USA is not my country. well guess what, neither is Israel, yours.

          • Koshiro

            “EVEN the christians could say this is their home as in their believes their the rightous descendent of jewish people.”
            Oh for the love of all non-existing deities! People are not identical with their ancestors, supposed ancestors, or alleged spiritual predecessors. People are individuals who have, after a long and painful development, universal human rights. Moving to some place where some mystical ancestors of lived according to some fairy-tale book isn’t one of them.

            And stop with the ‘Egypt too’ nonsense. Us critics of Israel are all aware of that and to put it mildly: When we’re looking for a yardstick of decent behaviour, Hosni Mubarak isn’t exactly the first person to come to mind.

  53. sharkies

    USraël is the most hated state on earth. ANd everybody knows why …
    Killing, destruction, déportation, colonization, the division of land, humiliation, torture, clinching trees…
    And everyboy is seeing what’s going on
    With the support of USA, impunity and continued violation of international laws, how far do we go?

    • Maxim Reider

      You still have not told us how much of your hard earned money you donate to Gazan children (tax deductible).

      • Koshiro

        Well, I do donate to funds which help, among others, Palestinian children. How much – and how much I earn – is none of your damn business, of course.

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    • Maxim Reider

      Among all postings here. yours are probably the most intriguing, since not-so-many of us understand German. Granted, writing comments on the internet is on the whole talking with yourself, but still, maybe there is somebody who shares your position. So if you can read English maybe you will make an effort and try to express yourself in the same language. Grammar, spelling are not important here.
      Thank you in advance.

  55. Pingback: Bilder der Nakba (umgekehrt): „If palestinian or hezbollah soldiers catch her, they rape her, torture her of just kill her… Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…“ | MondoPrinte

  56. sharkies

    What is extraordinary among supporters of Usrael is that they have revolutionized propaganda. You see an Israeli soldier killed a boy in cold blood at point blank? No, it was the boy who was viciously attacked the elite soldier with his bare hands!
    You see in live soldier shooting (on the orders of his general) a Palestinian prisoner squatting for six hours under the sun at a checkpoint, blindfolded and hands tied behind his back? NO, the prisoner blind and leap was bound to kill ten elite soldiers !
    You see five soldiers filmed by CBS in Nablus in the process of breaking jaws, bones, shoulders and arms of the two Palestinian attached to a tree with kicks, rifle butts, stone? No, they were in the process of fondling! You see the soldiers in Gaza shooting a father and son who are exposed and screaming, you see in live the death of the CHILD? No, this is the propaganda of terrorists!
    You see an Israeli bulldozer to bury alive two Palestinians and their mother in JENIN? No it’s a montage of CNN!

  57. Pingback: „If palestinian or hezbollah soldiers catch her, they rape her, torture her of just kill her… Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…“ | MondoPrinte

  58. Pingback: „If palestinian or hezbollah soldiers catch her, they rape her, torture her of just kill her… Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…“ | MondoPrinte

  59. Pingback: „Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…“ | MondoPrinte

  60. Pingback: „Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…“ | MondoPrinte

  61. Jumana

    I am appalled by this girl, I am appalled by these pictures. I am an Arab, I do not hate Jews nor am I blood thirsty for revenge. I studied and lived in the US and made both American and Jewish friends. Yet, to ANY human being, these pictures are appalling. What if the men in the background were my relatives or father or uncle? How do you think that would make me feel? Can you even stop to think that these people are in fact human beings ??? old men who were just on their way to make a living and ended up being arrested like animals ? while this girl poses next to her trophy and pretends to be cool ? This is insane, moreover, this is not just the actions of one dumb girl, this merely reflects the culture of the Israeli soldiers in treating Palestinians not as human beings. This merely shows one aspect of the daily degradation the Palestinian people suffer from, read the news people, not the mainstream news that feeds your brains whatever it wants, but read a variety of different sites that will prove this to you. Yes Israel is occupying Palestinians, Israel is enforing Apartheid rules and laws, Israel has breached International Law a zillion times, and yet it has still gotten away with what it wants. Not for long, if you read further into the news, you will realize that many countries, musicians, and academics are currently boycotting Israel in an attempt to put pressure on it to end its injustice!


    • Maxim Reider

      Listen, Jumana, of course this is silly and not so humane. But the girl is not really bad, just a product of the time and place.
      But please keep in mind that there are no saints in this part of the world, the both sides have blood on their hands. You speak of your uncles? Hope none of them has blown up in the center of Tel Aviv. So let us see everything in a right proportion.
      There’s nothing good in occupation, not for your, neither for us. It corrupts the both societies and claims lives of the innocent ones. But, I repeat, you Pals are not saints, far from that.

      • Koshiro

        Hope none of your relatives has shot any Palestinian kids in the head, then.
        Just saying it’s quite possible. “You Jews” aren’t saints, far from that, after all.

        Cool with that? Or don’t like your own condescending polemics when applied to yourself?

        • Maxim Reider

          Are you Jumana, Koshiro?
          Anyway, the answer is no. They are too small (the heads) and I personally have serious problems with my eyes, I find myself totally unable to hit minor objects.
          It’s also great that you donate money for charity, I bet that you belong to the minority here, others just chat.

  62. El Jibe

    Cheerios, your comment seems to be the first one to make sense.
    My personnal belief  (and it’s a sorry one, believe me) is that war between Israel and Palestine will only be over when one or the other will have run out of soldiers/terrorists (both words being employed for both sides).
    While understanding the Jewish/Isreali (I must say I am somhow confused about this one, can you be Israeli (a nation?) while not Jewish (a religion)?)more point of view (ie, I want a land where I can live),  I also understand the Palestinian POV (ie I want a land where I can live).
    Blimmey, isn’t it the same ? I think that what it boils down to is that a handful of people, on both sides, want this conflict to keep on going, for the sake of their own personnal interest.
    Don’t you think so ?
    If you were to ask to the mother of any soldier that was KIA, or any sorry dude that killed himself to draw attention, or to kill other people, do you really think that deep down she would be proud that her son died ? I don’t think so.
    One thing is for certain: I hate wars, cause the only thing wars cause are dead people.
    PS: most of these comments seem to be trolls. So please remember: don’t feed the

    • Koshiro

      “While understanding the Jewish/Isreali (I must say I am somhow confused about this one, can you be Israeli (a nation?) while not Jewish (a religion)?)”
      20-25% of Israel’s citizens are not Jewish. Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t know that. They are hardly ever mentioned in the MSM and they are heavily marginalized in Israel.

      • Maxim Reider

        I love your ignorance, Koshiro. Just keep going.

        • Koshiro

          You’re disputing those numbers?
          Or the fact that they’re marginalized? (As in severely economically underprivileged, severely underrepresented in public service, government, etc. etc…. it’s all in the books.)
          Or the fact that the MSM don’t really care about this and usually seem to think Israeli=Jewish?

          Doesn’t really matter, though. You’d be wrong in any case.

  63. El Jibe

    Troll, sorry for this unwanted cut

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  65. Pingback: „Since when soldiers have to be nice? she’s not hurting them…“ | MondoPrinte

  66. Maxim Reider

    How much of your hard earned money you donate to Gazan children?

  67. Razan

    this is tybicall an israeli behaviour, that happened more than onec in WB and GAZA i think now its the time to have the same behaviour towards them and see what they will say!!!! the will make it more big deal and shows that we are against PEACE, HUMINTARIAN, BLA BLA ( same words they use ) so israel its time to fuck out of palestaine , your not even hummans to claim peace or……….

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  69. Pingback: The best years of their lives, con’t | Much more graphic IDF “souvenir” IDF pictures emerge « Dimi’s notes

  70. Plissken2013

    “Et simple question, ils font quoi les palestiniens ou les psychopates du hezbollah lorsqu’ils ont un prisonnier israelien? ha oui, c’est vrai, soit ils demandent des rançons soit ils les tuent.”

    Cela ne justifie EN RIEN de tels comportements. Toujours dire “Les autres sont pire!” pour justifier des actes aussi stupides et inhumains revient à raisonner comme un enfant de cinq ans ou un adulte au Q.I. vraiment peu élevé.

    Si une vidéo de cette jeune femme (permettez-moi de rester poli) torturant des prisonniers avait été diffusée, certains auraient simplement dit: “Ouais, mais en face, les prisonniers, ils les décapitent!”. Le meurtre d’un côté rend-il la torture de l’autre côté plus acceptable, voire justifiable? BIEN EVIDEMMENT QUE NON!!!!!!!!

    • nora

      Pourquoi tant de machanceté? Dans toute les guerres il y eu des personnes comme cette fille pour humilier les autres musulments ou pas. Avez vous oublier se que vous a fait l’allemagne? Ils ont torturés plusieurs miliers de vos sujets et vous restez dans des positions qui n’ammene que morts et destruction à votre pays, n’avez vous pas honte de tous cela? qu’on fait ces personnes pour mérité cela? Honte à vous israeliens qui acceptés cela, honte à vous. Vous parle de droits, de devoirs mais c’est pour les autres pas pour vous qui pensez que vous êtes au dessus de ça.
      Nous sommes tous des êtres humains qui ne demandons qu’a vivre et les palestiniens et les vrais israéliens le demandent aussi.

  71. Pingback: על עדן אברג’יל, גזענות ופטריארכיה « שחור-סגול

  72. Raymond

    Voila ou mène les campagnes idéologiques d’Israël. On fait naitre des militaires tortionnaires complètement inconscient de ce qu’ils font.

    Pour un peuple qui a été opprimé c’est pas une preuve de grandeur mais plutôt de décadence, soutenu en cela par une partie de la communauté internationale

  73. Pingback: تبعات بهترین لحظات زندگی دختر اسرائیلی! | زهرا

  74. proud israeli

    Dimi… it saddens me to see how hostile you are to the country you live in, the only country you will ever have, no other place will accept you, i have no other word to describe you but a traitor that calls himself a journalist…
    realy sad indeed…

  75. John

    Eden Abergil is HOT

  76. Helloa everyone, this is the blog author here. I just wanted to point out that I haven’t had time to read through the deluge of commentary, and that monitoring had been very sporadic. I have erased, and will continue erasing, any blatantly anti-Semitic comments – i.e. “Jews feed on blood and rule world through banks”, any genocidal anti-Palestinian ones (i.e. “carpet bomb Gaza”), and any sexist ones (i.e. “this whore needs to get f***). Other than that, I’m afraid this is a pretty free-for-all. If you are mortally offended by some comment and want me to intervene, yell out my name and I’ll see what I can do.

  77. Emmanuel

    Je ne vois rien de violent sur ces photos. Bous voyons des photos pires dans la presse, c’est la guerre c’est tout, de plus les photos étaient sur facebook mais dans son compte! Bravo pour son courage à cette fille!

  78. Another Michael

    Have any of you read the bible before?

    I think there state clearly who the lands belong and I should mention that considering the bible the territory should be expanded.
    You don’t like the idea, ok put a shoot in your brain and ask G´d himself why he gave the land to children of Israel, you surly have an answer.

    Whoever harms the people of G´d will be punish for sure.

  79. Another Michael

    I think Muslims and Arabs felt humiliated not for the pictures but because is a woman that is posing in there remember that for them women value and are less respected than dog’s.
    Sorry guys but you had to admit a beautiful Jewish female soldier kick the ass of your lunatic terrorist’s.
    G´d bless Israel and the Jewish people.
    Eden you are a beautiful brave Israel – Jewish soldier.

  80. @Emmanuel
    La consanguinité ne se soigne pas.

  81. Alex

    When muslims kill other muslims, muslims don’t say anything. When muslims kill innocent people, muslims don’t say anything. When the us army or the israeli army make mistakes, all the hypocith stand up to hate them together.

    Look, today in bagdad: 59 dead:

    Do you care? noooo, better to insult jewish and israel. Talibans kill innocent civilians every days for such a long time, nobody says anything here!

    Isreal may be rough, true, but come one, you can’t have a 100% clean war. And let’s face it, the middle east will never know peace ! Hamas and Hezbollah depend on the war and will do everything to bring more and more violence! THEY don’t respect anything, in fact, the don’t even respect their own people (remember the war between Fatah and Hamas?)

    but ok, let us all agree, buuuuuh on israel, buuuuh they are all nazis, buuuh they kill everywhere and think it’s funny, boooooohhh Isreal is the devil on earth.
    you idiots.

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  83. Pingback: On Facebook, Israeli Soldier Smiles Next to Tied-Up Arabs « Gyrovague's Raves

  84. Another Michael

    She is cute and the only devil people I can see in the pictures are the Palestinians terrorist.

  85. JD

    Oh who cares. Bunch of bleedin heart liberals. She was having a little fun, big deal. Nobody died, right? Then get the fuck over it already.

  86. JD

    Dimi – this is why you’re not a soldier and instead a turncoat to your people and your country. You’d never make it a day in the IDF.

    • Ben

      Probably because since he has a functioning conscience, he wouldn’t be able to participate in the war-crimes the IDF daily commits and encourages.

      • Slava

        War crimes like firind Kassam racets in Schools or as exploding themselves in a school bus full of children?

        • Ben

          I was thinking more like firing white phosphorous on a UN school. Or kicking out the rightful occupants of homes so that racist settlers can land-grab.

          • Slava

            are you talking about the families of suaside bombers whoes houses are being demalished after their families are being evacuated?

  87. Slava

    She did not do anything crimimal, she did not abuse not humaliated those people, she just took a few pictures with them. Was it smart? NO! But it was not criminal either, this is kind of stupid things that teenagers do. Those people were probably arested for a reason, but she should have not take those pictures let alone posting those online.

  88. al

    Well,at least Hitler did not posed with pictures of their ancestors.That make him better that their offpring.

    • RozitaTee

      The Nazis sure documented the Holocaust though, didn’t they?

      • Koshiro

        Actually, the custom of posing for photos with humiliated, helpless prisoners (and worse sights, such as dead bodies) was very common in Hitler’s army and SS.
        Also see what happened in Abu Ghraib. It seems to be a persistent part of military culture, some kind of ritual humiliation game.

        • Slava

          do not exaggerate, no one is dead or even waunded here, just a few people arected, not without a reason, I presume. Tasteles? Yes. Stupid? Yes. But nothing like you discribe.

          • Koshiro

            Errr… did you follow this topic on the news? Or on, let’s say, this blog? Because if you cared to read the very next post, you’d see that IDF soldiers do pose with dead Palestinians, as well.

            Not that I directly said that. I merely remarked that such behaviour was common in Nazi Germany’s forces. If you can or cannot see parallels to current events depends on you, I guess.

          • Slava

            Koshiro, I am not sure this is true, in my view it more falls in to category ‘he said, she said…’ even if some of this is true it is a dumb action by some individual and does neither reflect nor being supported by any means by Israeli politics. Arabs do worse things like exploding themselves in clubs, schools, markets killing innocent civilians. Personally I have served in combat units and it never crossed my mind to make a memory by taking pictures with dead or arrested, so those are actions based on the individual judgments, bad judgments but not criminal ones. Also those people arrested could not by any starch of imagination be compared to s Concentration camp victims, those people were probably arrested for a reason, not just because they are Arabs.

          • Koshiro

            1.) Everybody always has reasons. Nobody ever does anything wrong in their own view. The Nazis termed those who they killed in occupied territory “bandits” or “bandit supporters”.
            2.) Israelis also do worse things, for example bomb civilian populations. Don’t change the subject.
            3.) Of course this kind of picture is criminal. It’s a blatant violation of personality rights, and outlawed by international agreements.

  89. what are people griping about they are prisoners when they should have been corpse’s; Isreal has the rught way to handle things but as the arabs would do to leave them alone because they take no sh-t from them. The U.S. could learn alot from them and then we would not be sening our troops to die for the towelheads who are worthless pcs of scum nor sending our money to help afg,irq and others while overlooking our own country.

  90. RozitaTee

    This picture has always bothered me. Too bad Eden and a bunch of her soldier friends weren’t around then.

    While were on the subject: Why don’t Jordan, Lebanon and Syria give back Palestinian lands?

  91. al

    Typical ignorant whitetrash.Supporting wars the country can not affort.Kids getting kill because they are brainwash.Vietnam was a lesson.Learned and do not be stupid.Stop killing people(towelheads),in this way they will never come and seek revenge(basic human nature trend).What divine right do you or the people posing in the picture have to accept this garbish?

  92. Another Michael

    Palestinians do not accept the biblical and historically right of Israel about the Land, so they are causing problems all the time, I think Arab and Muslims states should give them some part of the Land if they are their brothers as they said.

    • al

      Here it goes,the biblical argument.What rigth do you have to argued a political land grab by the Zionist based in a single religious point of view.Do this argument is valid based in your believes?Must of the world do not believe in the Bible or any religious point of vew.A land grab is a land grab.You just have an excuse for it and pretend to accepted it according to your point of view.If you want people to respect your point of view,respect theirs.I guess the Paletinians are not people to your one sided point of view,thus the nature of your argument to call them troublemakers because they do not take the zionist crap.Sell that argument to people of your own intellectual capacity;there are many of them in this column.

      • Another Michael

        Al one thing is the point of view of anyone as well as their right to believe whatever they want and another very different is the TRUE, if you don’t agree with our people possessing the land go and complain with G´d himself.

      • al

        Who’s God……..Yours???????

        • Another Michael

          The only one there is just One G´d, like it or not evil muslin fanatic.

        • al

          Isn,t your God the one of Abraham???..What a coincidence……,because is the same as the one of those evil muslims fanatics.Better yeat,they are brothers from the same father. What true?????????.Yours

          • Another Michael

            The tuth of G´d you can read it in the Torah if you like is the only book that contain the will of G´d coran is a big Lie.

    • nona

      Palestine our earth all Palestine ,we will return some day ,I was born in one of arab states ,I love it ,but it is not my earth ,you go to your country ,this is not your earth, your are Occupier,you come on the ship ,& you will go sooner or later.

      • Another Michael

        The land is for the children of Israel that is G´d will and there is nothing you can do, you better stay in your arab state if not want two end like the bastrads in the photos.

        • nona

          hhhhhhhhhh do you think that you will be the stronger forever ,stupid ?
          the future is not for you ,and we will wait 50 ,100,1000 ,we will return to our land to all Palestine

      • Slava

        If you were born in one of the Arab countries then you are at home, Arabs came from Arabia, my friend. Israel IS our country.Your forefathers concured this land centuaries ago but it does not mean that it became yours. You are at home now, this is good, teach your children to love your country, teach them to better it, if you will some day your children and your children’s children will be happy and productive citizens.

        • nona

          no baby I am from Jaffa this is my land ,you must go from you came , this is not your land ,you are Occupiers, what you find under the aqsa? nothing all your history is lyings

  93. Lampard

    Simply disgusting,

    In my opinion, there are no reasons to justify her act, so please people, do for me a favour…

    For those who claim that they are terrorists,come on, nobody has the privilege to determine that this people deserve to be humiliated.

    Did you hear about human rights?

  94. Another Michael

    OK these article should close the discussion oabout this pics

    A Palestinian demanding asylum abroad took hostages in the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv Tuesday after shots were fired outside, and Israeli officials said the man was recently released from prison after he attacked another embassy four years ago


    • Koshiro

      I am frightened and astonished by the fact that the same evolutionary process which produced my brain also produced yours.

    • Slava

      Michael, I disagree.First of all there is no such thing as Palestinians, this is a made up nation for the sole purpose of destruction of Israel.
      Second they are not all criminals, like every other group of people those Arabs have good and bad people, the problem is they grew up brainwashed, they have been kept in bad conditions artificially by their leaders and made believe that this land belongs to them and that all their sufferings are because of the Israel. The problem is an ideology that they are being subjected to.

      • Ben

        There isn’t enough irony in the world for your statement. If anyone is growing up brainwashed, it’s the Israelis supporting zionist policies.

        And the majority of the problems that Palestinians face is directly because of Israel’s apartheid and blockade.

        Plus, if any nation is made up, it’s Israel, by the force of the allies after WW2. The people Israel is subjugating are accepted as Palestinian and their land Palestine by everyone with a functioning idea of human empathy.

  95. Rae Ann Pointer

    Why is it that Arabs demand 100% perfect behavior from Israelis and yet when Arabs die blowing up pool halls full of Israeli kids they call the killers martyrs? Seems Arabs don’t know the difference between right and wrong. For this you reap what you sow. Hatred in, hatred out.

    • RozitaTee

      I 100% agree. This is the part that Muslim extremists always forget.

      Dimi, would you be so hard on this soldier if one of your family members were murdered by a suicide bomber?

      • Dimi Reider

        Er, yes

      • Boumi

        Well Rozita,

        would you not be a suicide bomber, if you see your land stolen, your house erased, your parents humiliated and your brother taken away without any guarantee to see him again in the future ?
        If you say no, then either you are lying, or you are not human…again: the Arabs are not the Indians, you cannot put them in reservates, give them alcohol and they keep quiet…

  96. CK

    I think she is hot…anyone have her number?

  97. Osama

    I’m not surprised of all this .. Quite simply this is the culture of the Israeli army .. and chutzpah reach to the level of pride in the loss of humanity

  98. Osama

    well Dear .. i have to respect ur opinoin and what you see in pics .. but can you explain to me what kind of criminals they are Or Do you know what they did to Deserve to be an criminals in ur eyes ? i think you have to see the deep idea of all of this .. dont be superficial .. Dear

  99. Alex

    Well look like there is some censure here…

    Anyway to those who say that isreali prisonners are well treated. you give the example of the only example you have right now, but what about those examples ?=

    You would never, NEVER see palestinian being killed in a public place in Isreal while the crowd is cheering and clapping hands. This would NEVER happen.
    Really, i’d rather be a palestinian prisoner than an israeli caught by extremist muslims!

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  101. Hylu

    She is very hot

  102. Menno

    No problem on those pics. Nothing strange. No misuse. Ah, Yes I forgot moslims don’t like unveiled women. That’s the problem !! Well that’s solved: the men are veiled here !!!!

  103. Irshad

    She is a bitch

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  106. Fred

    First I agree that the girl is mostly young & stupid and shouldn’t have, at least, posted those pictures. Making those images public create an “event”. And of course the fanatics on both side use this to serve their goals.
    Secondly it took me quite a while to read all the comments on this blog and it seem to confirm my opinion that a few dangerous fanatic people on both side make so much “noise” that it sometimes looks like the whole world is like that. The truth is that they are a small minority trying to enforce their opinion squatting blogs and public places. Actually I think religious extremists are the same wether they’re Jew or Muslim (i.e.: AJKA or Another Michael…) or from any religion as a matter of fact.
    To end this post I have a question.
    I’m not from the area and I’m neither muslim or jewish. 2000 years ago Palestine was full of palestinians mostly jewish. Some became christians, about 600 years later islam appeared and I guess some became muslims but they were still semitic wern’t they? So my question is; aren’t Palestinians and Israelis both in the land of their origins? Don’t they both belong there?

  107. Pingback: Israeli Conveyor Belt Justice at the Ofer Military Court | Joseph Dana

  108. dammm ittt. why do people do this kind of things?

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    • nona

      Israeli soldiers breaking palestinians bones with bricks! Disgusting! taken from John Pilgers movie “Palestine is still the issue”

  113. Sky

    A propos des “rancons”, ils n’ont pas besoin d’argent pour le faire. ils cherchent à récupérer leur parent qui sont en milliers dans les prisons israéliennes . “Ils les tuent”, par contre ils sont bien traités lorsqu’ils les captures(leur religion leur exige cela).(la preuve “Shalite est-il mort?”non, car il vaut plus cher quand il est vivant). Réveilles toi Baby. Je sais que t’es aveugle pour voir la vérité. Mais essaye quand même. Pour Finir, pour toi ce sont des terroristes et “résistants” sa n’existe pas dans ton dictionnaire? Que Dieu te guide vers la lumiere qui va paraitre claire un de ces jours. Il y a difference entre Hezbollah, Hamas(résistants) et AlQaida(terroristes).

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